Parking/Charging near Cape Liberty (Bayonne), NJ - Cruise Port

Parking/Charging near Cape Liberty (Bayonne), NJ - Cruise Port

I am taking my family on a cruise out of Cape Liberty Cruise port in Bayonne, NJ.

My Model 3 will be parked for about a week at or near the cruise port (assuming I end up driving).

Is anyone aware of a place to park and charge for a week in the area? Level 1 (120V) charging is fine as the car would be idle for an extended period.

My primary goal is to be able to hit the road home without needing to detour to a super charger (not that knowing you need to make a 20-30+ min plus stop at the start of a multi-hour drive doesn't sound exciting). I also would like to ensure Sentry Mode can remain enabled the entire time (cabin overheat protection isn't much of a concern during a northeast winter, though would like to be able to pre-heat the car but not required).

Any help would be appreciated.

EVRider | 15. november 2019

How far is the cruise port from your starting point?

Scarab | 15. november 2019

My starting point is in Massachusetts.

EVRider | 16. november 2019

I guess that rules out taking Uber to the cruise port. :-)

Did you check PlugShare to see what’s available near the port? The port’s web site doesn’t mention EV charging.

Tesla2018 | 16. november 2019

Does Short Hills or Springfield NJ have superchargers at their sales offices that you can stop at before going to the port? They are about 15 miles away so your car would be almost fully charged when you get back. Maybe you could leave the car at the sales office and offer to pay them to fill it up when you return. Then take an Uber to the port since it will be cheaper than paying to keep your car on the port lot for a week. Or you can see if anyone with home charging in the area would be willing to drop you off and pick you up and keep the car at their house.

Scarab | 16. november 2019

@Tesla2018 there are several SuperChargers along the route, especially in Connecticut. However, even if the car was fully charged when parked, I would need to turn off Sentry Mode as in most port parking lots it would drain the battery in less than a week, and I wouldn't get notifications about the low battery on the ship. I recently had an airport drain half the battery in less than 12 hours due to sentry mode before it turned itself off to preserve the rest for my trip. So charging it before wont do it as I would still need to charge it on the way home or turn off sentry mode. As for storing the car at a Tesla store, the two your listed are more than a half hour away (in the wrong direction) across a toll bridge. So I would end up still taking the extra time to get my car and paying for multiple ubers and 4 extra tolls (two per round trip).

I also checked plugshare, nothing listed within walking distance but several hotels and things withing uber distance. But most have per hour fees especially while idling.

I have also seen similar questions on some of the other Tesla owner forums, but no replies. Ideally it would be a local parking garage with a standard 120v outlet I can plug into.