What do you think of the new truck and its reveal?

What do you think of the new truck and its reveal?

I do not like the name or the look of the vehicle. I will never buy one.

The design may have been futuristic in the 70's or 80's, but looks old by today's design standards. When it first rolled out, I was expecting Elon to announce he was joking and roll out the real truck.

Rookie mistake with breaking the glass. Gives the haters something to focus on tomorrow.

coleAK | 21. november 2019

^^^^Fully agree. Cool if it was a “concept”vehicle for a car show but production, no way. Should have sold my stock today :). And where is the bed?

vmulla | 21. november 2019

I love it.

Tesla designs always take a little getting used to. Can you do what you typically do with a truck in this thing - yes, and a whole lot more.
Everything else will settle itself over time.

This is like the biggest kick in the ### for other truck companies - there's no excuse now - not in any segment of consumer automobile market.

RES IPSA | 21. november 2019

@Cole AK.... there is a bed. They show it at the end of the reveal. Looks like a standard sized bed... maybe slightly smaller. They fit an ATV on the bed.

RES IPSA | 21. november 2019

@vmulla.... I immediately fell in love with the S the first time I saw it. Same with the 3. I have never liked the look of the X.

jamilworm | 21. november 2019

I too was shocked by the appearance, but I think it's already starting to grow on me. I am still pretty surprised they seem not to be offering paint options, although that could come later. It's like the DeLorean of trucks. Hey, on that note they should do a Back to the Future sequel where they've converted a Cybertruck into a time machine.

RES IPSA | 21. november 2019

@Jamil.... good call with the DeLorean comparison.

RES IPSA | 21. november 2019

Are there built in stash spots for smuggling cocaine??

M3phan | 21. november 2019

Absolutely, me and a buddy referenced the DeLorean. I’ve got to say that I was kind of embarrassed by that unveil. The shattered glass was embarrassing and that will likely be the focus across media tomorrow, that and probably it’s look. I suppose some will like it, but wow, my jaw dropped and not in a good way when I saw it drive out. At least Elon was accurate when he said, it’s weird looking and probably most won’t like it.

Nakid | 21. november 2019

Yeah, not a fan of the way it looks. is it functional? Absolutely. I like the way the bed cover retracts. Dimensions are all said to be standard 1/2 ton pickup size (i.e. 6.5' bed).

calvin940 | 21. november 2019

I stand by my statement that it's too radical for the pickup truck market.

My personal opinion was that I was shocked when I first saw it and was kinda waiting for the reveal underneath the reveal, but I am honestly now warming up to it quite a bit. It is definitely a very new take on a truck.

Anyway, it's specs and price are pretty good.

One thing is for sure, it looks freaking tough .

As for the glass, well Elon puts himself out there so sometimes things don't go as planned.

teslamazing | 21. november 2019

Not for boomers.

-TheJohn- | 21. november 2019

It's shockingly non-truck looking and I agree with the where's the bed comment but people making said comment obviously didn't watch the reveal at all or to the end whereupon they opened it up and drove a full sized ATV into it showing it's actual capacity.

Thing is ridiculously long though. Longer than a civilian hummer.
I want to see the interior.

M3phan | 21. november 2019

Things don’t go as planned… Unfortunately that glass is gonna be a meme for awhile. Ugh.

So what I’m trying to figure out, and clearly we may never know unless the insiders tell us, but they were dropping heavy steel balls on the transparent metal sheet demo piece, and it didn’t shatter crack or scratch. And the same ball is picked up by Franz and thrown at the window and it instantly shatters. Now it didn’t go through, true, but it totally shattered. What happened? Was the window perhaps cracked open a little bit? Did they put the wrong kind of glass in there? Did someone try to sabotage the unveil? OK that’s probably going a bit too far, but how could it not shatter in the demo piece and then shatter on the truck? Wow that was a risky move.
“ Should we try the back window?“

jnordland | 21. november 2019

I thought it was ugly at first but the more I looked at it, it's growing on me. I think the fact that it wasn't painted and has flat paneling didn't help the look of it. The live reveal was pretty clunky and yeah, the breaking glass is pretty embarrassing. The website does a better job of presenting it and I feel it looks better moving. My hope is it get's refined over the next two years into a more polished product. It looks very much like a raw prototype. In any case, I put down a $100 fully refundable deposit on it. What do I have to lose?

landoncube | 21. november 2019

Deposit placed!

82bert | 21. november 2019

Ordered as well.

calvin940 | 21. november 2019

Seriously, though... The freakin' thing pulled the shit outta Ford F150... going uphill!! It's a monster!

Maxxer | 21. november 2019

70% will hate/ 30% will love

82bert | 21. november 2019

People are definitely missing the point of what’s being offered here. Unreal. Can’t wait to see one on the road. I do hope colors are offered. Even a matte black.

vmulla | 21. november 2019

70% will envy, 30% will buy

M3phan | 21. november 2019

Beauty and functionality are definitely in the eyes of the beholder. I’m glad there are several of you that really like it and put your money down on it.

M3phan | 21. november 2019

... Just watch out for bugs hitting the windshield…
; )

calvin940 | 21. november 2019

".. Just watch out for bugs hitting the windshield…"
with the angle of that thing and aerodynamics I doubt they will do anything but shoof right up the front and over. :D

Sjohnson1975 | 21. november 2019

I really like it! Yeah it’s different. That’s one of the reasons I like it. Specs are good. The retractable bed cover is awesome. I don’t really like trucks but I like this. I put the $100 on the 39k model. 250 mile range and 250kw charging at superchargers is all I will need. I want to drive it now.

M3phan | 21. november 2019

Out of curiosity I will definitely test drive one when that becomes available. I’m just not visually drawn to it like I have been to the S and 3.

jwins | 21. november 2019

Hey, @Hp.1193, Boomer here. Put in my deposit an hour ago :)

Sjohnson1975 | 21. november 2019

It’s funny I’m more visually drawn to it then the 3 when I first saw it. Maybe I’m just weird haha

M3phan | 21. november 2019

No not weird. We’re all drawn to different things.

jwins | 21. november 2019

I'm so-so on the design, but my wife loves it! I figure I'll get there. The rest of the package is outstanding!

Passion2Fly | 21. november 2019

500 miles of range? Who can beat that?

TexasBob | 21. november 2019

jwins - Same here. Wife loves it and ordered one. I think I hang on to my model 3...

Bighorn | 21. november 2019

99% of the time you’ll be in it, driving. Kind of a litmus for vanity.

TexasBob | 21. november 2019

It reminds me of that truck from the old 70s move damnation alley. Ready for the zombie apocalypse.

M3phan | 21. november 2019

Damnation alley… Well that’s a throwback.
“In Sensurround!”

teslamazing | 21. november 2019

Jwins, great decision.

jwins | 21. november 2019

100% Bighorn. Similar deal when I got my 3 last year. I really wanted white or red, but when they were discontinuing silver and said I could get a silver one months earlier than what I'd originally expected, I jumped at it. I'm still not 100% on the color, but when you're in it, who cares. Meanwhile, if the glass on the truck is impervious to the little rocks which have plagued my 3, I'm all for it.

jwins | 21. november 2019

Thanks, @Hp.1193 :)

coleAK | 21. november 2019

Ok ok. The more I see it, it sort of grows on me as a DeLoran/Lambo/monster truck. What I was concerned of before the unveiling was will it be functional. First thing that bothers me is as a truck I can’t imagine how the bed is all that functional with ridiculously high sides. Also I hope it has 360 cameras that you can view through a screen because visibility seem that it would be terrible, especially off roading where you want high, tall seating with big windows. Yes I know >90% of truck owners never off road, tow, or haul heavy loads so who knows it could appeal to the masses?

Scrannel | 22. november 2019

One of the biggest issues with "normal: trucks is the flying brick problem: not remotely aerodynamic. The Tesla truck appears to be aerodynamic. However, in So. Ca., in my experience, a pickup is a fetish purchase as they are almost always absolutely spotless and NEVER have anything in the bed. How will that crowd swing (because they really don't need a pickup at all)?

casun | 22. november 2019

i love it.

spuzzz123 | 22. november 2019

@coleAK YouTube videos of the folks getting rides last night showed they don’t have a rearview mirror but a special display screen where the mirror wold be with a constant rear view image. Very cool. Also the ramp and the air suspension that lowers the height will make loading just fine. Of course, no side loading but still this is way more practical than the old Honda ridgelnes.

TickTock | 22. november 2019

Hopefully that rear-view display has an option to take a feed from a accessory camera mounted on the back of your toy hauler.

derotam | 22. november 2019

People will LOVE the insurance cost of this thing.

TickTock | 22. november 2019

After the armored personnel comment I was hoping for something closer to a CyberSuburban. I love that I can carry a stack of 4x8 sheets of plywood,etc flat with the doors closed in my '96 K2500 but not really a deal breaker for me in AZ (doesn't rain often).

TickTock | 22. november 2019

Just saw the steering wheel - that *is* a deal breaker for me. Hopefully that isn't what is going into production.

Sparky | 22. november 2019

It's hideous, and it's not so bad that a fossil like me thinks it's hideous but my 32 year old son, who owns an electrical company, thinks it's hideous as well. That doesn't bode well for sales but, then again, if they sell all the units they make then who cares? At least the follow on with more sensible lines will utilize the drive train knowledge from this one and probably find a much deeper market.

h2ev | 22. november 2019

Yeah looks like cyber from back in the 80's.. My first thought was it looks a lot like what a toddler would doodle on a piece of napkin.

billtphotoman | 22. november 2019

If they really can deliver it at around $40K I think it will be a big hit with TCO focused buyers of work trucks. As per The Millionaire Next Door the most popular vehicle with millionaires is the Ford F150. These folks buy trucks, work them hard and keep them for well over 250K miles. For example, the general contractor who remodeled our house had over 350K miles on his Ram 2500. Pulling a trailer he probably averaged 10 MPG so that is about $100K worth of fuel. The TCO savings for the Tesla truck would be enormous and these folks are financially savvy enough to know that.

cosmicwarrior | 22. november 2019

Some people can't deal with change. Trucks have looked the same forever and I think this is a pretty cool new look. Love that it's a cross between an SUV and a Truck. Had to be pretty embarrassing when the windows broke though, that was unbelievable. On another note, hopefully they reduce the Model X in price now that they can produce a truck for 39k, especially with the federal tax rebate completely gone.

vmulla | 22. november 2019

F-117 Nighthawk.

That's what this truck reminded me of.

Function > Form

More than anything else I love the truck because it eliminates the excuses from ICE manufacturers. They got their behind handed to them in the markets for cars, SUVs, trucks, semis, ATVs? It's not at all about sales, it's about just taking their excuses away