Model 3: 2.92% battery degradation after 1 month and a half

Model 3: 2.92% battery degradation after 1 month and a half

I recently got my Model 3 on September 30th 2019 and just realized this week on November 18th that my Model 3 battery degradation has started. I think it is not normal to loose this much within 2 months of usage. Am I expecting too much from Tesla? Can anyone shed the light on this and any of you has encountered the same issue?

Pg3ibew | 23. november 2019


teslamazing | 23. november 2019

How did u manage to calculate 2.92% degradation.

kimphuhuynh | 23. november 2019

@hp1193, I am using the apps call TeslaCore and it should be accurate. It uses Tesla API to expose informations of our vehicles as needed(all data that our Tesla is pushing back to Tesla Motor).

kimphuhuynh | 23. november 2019

I have no way to share the screen shot from here.

kimphuhuynh | 23. november 2019

@Pg3ibew, I can't tell u why, but I hope it is not a Lemon product (Quality Control did not do the job).

Pg3ibew | 23. november 2019

@kimp, I am telling you why. You dont have a lemon. Dont get insulted, but you need to educate yourself on how electric vehicles work.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 23. november 2019

Quality Control did not do the job"
What does quality control have to do with battery degradation?

M3phan | 23. november 2019

OP Friend, there are literally tons of battery related threads on this forum and they all conclude the same thing: what you describe is not a problem. Read these threads to, as
@ Pg3ibew said, educate yourself about your new EV. The main one, your estimated range is just that, an estimate.
All kinds of variables affect it. Weather, driving habits, terrain, weather and temperature...
Relax and enjoy your car.

derotam | 23. november 2019

@kimphuhuynh: again how exactly did you figure out 2.92% degradation? What values did you use and what was your formula for the calculation?

Magic 8 Ball | 23. november 2019

Some app told him/her, so it must be true.

kimphuhuynh | 23. november 2019

@MAGIC 8 Ball,
Apps are using Tesla API, these data are exposed by Tesla. I am pretty sure these data are accurate, as I said conclude by other does not mean they are conclusive. Some people still think the planete is flat.

Pg3ibew | 23. november 2019

This thread is a dud. Take care. Comb your hair.

Magic 8 Ball | 23. november 2019

Some people blindly trust whatever is put before them without trying to understand how things are derived.

"I am pretty sure" is not a phrase I have confidence in.

kimphuhuynh | 23. november 2019

@Magic 8 Ball , I have recently try to full charging my car, and it was 370 km the EPA value should 386Km. therefore 16 Km is missing in there. I just wonder, what is the acceptable discrepancies from the NRCAN.

@M3phan, btw prior to do any conclusive comment from forums, please go with the tesla first. Because they are the book of record. I am trying to get as much as possible sample of Tesla owner who are experiencing the same issue. This will help me to do a better conclusion. I you are tire of these thread I would ask redirect you to filter your or ignore anything related to it and it will bring peace to your life.

Pg3ibew | 23. november 2019

Weather in NYC on Sept 30, date you bought your car, 80F
Weather Today in NYC, the date of this useless post, 32F.

Not sure where you live, but if you are anywhere close, your numbers are pretty good. Forget about bad.

kimphuhuynh | 23. november 2019

@M3phan, I am sorry to dsappoint you that I am not a blind FAN of Tesla. I still have to listen what is reasonable and not. I need facts not feelings.

Magic 8 Ball | 23. november 2019

The estimated range is not number used to determine battery degradation, there are more variables involved in coming up with that number. The fact is Tesla can change that number to anything they want via an OTA (they have already bumped some cars this way). This topic is discussed ad nauseum in hundreds of threads. I suggest you start doing some home work. Plug this into google to find the threads: degradation

lbowroom | 23. november 2019

Must be the winter blend of electricity

walnotr | 23. november 2019

I truly wish the “miles” were never included on the display.

coselectric | 23. november 2019

I'm pretty sure the major electricity vendors mix some neutrons in with the electrons in the winter to reduce emissions, and that practice reduces range and horsepower a little. (I personally think it's just political pandering to the neutron farmers in the midwest).

FISHEV | 23. november 2019

To your question, it's a bit high for first two months.

Best representation of the battery degradation is StatsApp's. Mine looks like this after 12,000 miles and six months. StatsApp also has another app that compares your Model 3's degradation to all Model 3 owners. Mine tells me that my battery degradation is greater than 94% of other Model 3 owners which should be right as I only charge at Super Chargers and I discharge and recharge to lower and higher percentages than most, all bad for the battery life.

coselectric | 23. november 2019

Sorry, forgot the +1 lbowroom on front of my comment, since I'm supporting your theory.

Magic 8 Ball | 23. november 2019

If you look at StatsApp "scatter" many data points are above 310, even more recent ones. Trying to pull a trend from that scatter (knowing Tesla can change the number anytime) is a fools errand.

coselectric | 23. november 2019

@Fish, I recommend you dump your 3 while you can before the range drops too low and your resale value drops too much, pick up a nice Kona or something to hold you off until that electric mustang is available. Several of us would be glad to act as a reference for your application to the Hyundai and/or Ford EV forums, whatever you need bro.

coselectric | 23. november 2019

BTW, I drove to the airport earlier this week in my old X5 (true story). When I started the computer said it had 240 mile range to empty, and when I arrived only 65 miles later it said it was down to 145 miles, can you believe it! I contacted BMW to find out if I have a lemon, they haven't gotten back to me yet. (Ok, that part isn't actually true).

vmulla | 23. november 2019

walnotr | November 23, 2019
I truly wish the “miles” were never included on the display.
A sense of how far we can go in ideal conditions is important. This may not be perfect, but it's a good indicator

Bighorn | 23. november 2019

OP’s expectations are unrealistic partly due to believing the data allow drawing such a conclusion, which reveals a lack of due diligence. I’m afraid we’ll never expunge ignorance regardless of the number of times we try.

Pg3ibew | 23. november 2019

@bighorn, you are much more eloquent than I. I want to just call him an idiot!!! LOL

EAPme | 23. november 2019

Wow 2.92%!!!! Why doesn't your data set allow for granular detail down to the ten hundredths percent? That's equates to 105.6 ft of range! Not detailed enough for me to use this data.

Seriously, just drive the car and enjoy it. I know people here will insist on using "distance" as the display but I prefer to use "percent" to avoid situations like this.

Also, just use the route planner in the car, and be happy.

derotam | 23. november 2019

@kimphuhuynh: so no data to share to back up your it. I think we are don't here till you provide actual data.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 23. november 2019

"coselectric | November 23, 2019
@Fish, I recommend you dump your 3 while you can before the range drops too low and your resale value drops too much, pick up a nice Kona or something to hold you off until that electric mustang is available. Several of us would be glad to act as a reference for your application to the Hyundai and/or Ford EV forums, whatever you need bro."
+1 Bro

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 23. november 2019

OP is too busy right now. He is writing angry letter to EU assembly about Big Bad American Car Company that sold him a lemon car. Or if he is in Canada then to her Majesty the Queen of England :))))

Pg3ibew | 23. november 2019

I flagged the entire post as inappropriate.

Bighorn | 23. november 2019

The sad part is that the OP won’t grasp what he doesn’t grasp and “lemon” will come up again.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 24. november 2019

I like to put lemon in my hot tea ;)

Bighorn | 24. november 2019

Nailed it.

Pg3ibew | 24. november 2019

Flagracularly epic failure thread.

RayNLA | 24. november 2019

Pg3ibew if I may...
Just drive the car!

Pg3ibew | 25. november 2019

@Ray lmao

dhavtru | 25. november 2019

I spoke to one of Tesla's tech and he said "After one of the recent software update the range was changed to a more realistic number based on how many Kilowatts are being used per mile." I notice this change after the second V10 bug fix update. at 90% my LR Model 3 use to give me 279 and now at 90% I am getting 272. I recently charged my car 100% and total miles were 302.

I am not letting get through my head anymore. I have 8 years or 120K warranty on the battery worse comes to worse after the battery is degraded below 70% Tesla will fix the problem.

Reflex | 25. november 2019

Heck, my mid-range M3 used to charge to 264 miles, and now a full charge is only 250 miles. I've got less than 6k on the odo. I'm not complaining about it (mostly because I know there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it). First world "problem."

rdavis | 25. november 2019

I don't really understand why there is so much angst on what number the car shows on the main dash. It doesn't reflex reality and never has.

When I drive to Tampa from North of Atlanta I stop in Tifton and charge. On a full charge I have from day one made it to tifton with 10% battery left (approx 30 miles on the main screen). This trip is about 220.5 miles. I've had my 3 since March 2018 and made this trip again just this week and the range has not change in the least... either better or worse. The main screen mileage at 100% charge has fluctuated anywhere from 301 to 322 miles over the last year and a half... but that range from my house to Tifton has been a constant... Morel of the story... stop worrying about what the car says the range is on the main screen. If you see a real drop in range on the same route under the same conditions, then you may have a worry, but that number shown on the main screen is just a made up number.

andy.connor.e | 25. november 2019

Im surprised people are this concerned with single digit variances. Are you all that anal with everything?

vmulla | 25. november 2019

andy.connor.e | November 25, 2019
Im surprised people are this concerned with single digit variances. Are you all that anal with everything?

I've tracked the variances and I interpreted the single digit variances as a sign of my battery's durability. As of this morning the extrapolated range on my car shows 312, it was 310 when I bought the car. I've seen it go as low as 307. It's ultimately about perspective, isn't it?

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 25. november 2019

Set the range to % and told my wife not to worry about it. Plenty of range to drive and if you low car will tell you. Bam. Problem fixed

hokiegir1 | 25. november 2019

2.5 months is not nearly enough time for a real trend to be evident. Miles go up, they go down, they go back up -- and yes, this is evident from my TeslaFi subscription that uses the same API data. Factors include weather, software version/updates, and the price of tea in China on a particular day.

EVs in general are also known to have a steeper curve in the first year than in later years, so yes, it's *possible* to have some degradation in the first few months, but it's not expected to stay at that rate for the life of the vehicle.

andy.connor.e | 25. november 2019

@vmulla "It's ultimately about perspective, isn't it?"

Think you hit it right there. "Your experience may vary". Everything has a threshold of inaccuracies, so while the software may be programed to display 310 miles at 100% SOC, the battery could be ±2% and that person is actually physically incapable of getting 75kWh of energy out of their battery. If you are experiencing variance below 5%, be happy.