Setting Home location

Setting Home location

Setting Home Location

Tesla M3 RWD +. I set Sentry Alert while away on a 6 day holiday, to find that on return I had lost 146 miles of capacity. This is, apparently, to be expected from other posts to the Tesla forum. However, as the car was in my home drive all the time, it did did not recognise that it was at my Home location.

I investigated further. In the UK, I can only set my home location as a Post Code (my house does not have a number - just a name). The epicentre of the post code is 300 ft from my car, but according to the manual, Sentry Alert will only recognise Home as a location within 30 ft.

OK, so the advice is to drop a pin on the map. Well that did not work, as it identified a property at the far end of my garden, in a completely different road. Many attempts later I gave up.

What is needed is a button to record ‘Save this Location’, so that the exact GPS position is recorded, and that can be renamed to Home (or work or whatever). Alternatively, Google maps can return a precision Lat and Long, which can then be entered. As it stands, I cannot set my Home position accurately enough for Sentry Alert to recognise.

Please, Tesla, add a feature to ‘remember this location’ as a single button click.

If it already has this capability, please tell me how to find it.

hokiegir1 | 24. november 2019

I actually have this issue, too. It thinks my complex's clubhouse is my address...not the spots right in front of my house where I actually park. I have to manually turn my Sentry off at home. I wish there were some more precise method for these cases. What3Words is the new thing that could help...but there's no integration yet.

Bighorn | 24. november 2019

Can you use a charging location from your house as the Home point?

hokiegir1 | 24. november 2019

@bighorn - interesting thought. Once i get mine back, I'll have to try that. We tried the pin, resetting the address, and a few other things that I don't remember...but I'm not sure if we tried charging location.

josmial | 24. november 2019

I had the same problem. I live in a condo complex and my home location was pinned to the center of the complex. I fixed it in two steps. I first found my unit on google maps on my home computer and sent an error report to google to correct the address. It took a couple of days, but google made the change. I then set a pin at my home address and named it Home. I got a message saying I already had a Home location and asked if I wanted to change it. Now my Home is set properly on the map in the Tesla.

alan | 25. januar 2020

I have the same problem because my garage opens onto an alley. Google has the correct location for my house, for everyone else, but I need to tell the car "this lat long in the garage is "home".