Nav on autopilot bug?

Nav on autopilot bug?

I'm going to report this to Tesla, because I think it's a relatively new bug.


Navigate on auto pilot is ON but lane change is set to MANUAL

You are in stop and go traffic in say the middle lane

Car wants you to exit, but you decide you'd rather stay on the freeway but don't click 'cancel lane change'

For appears that as you approach the exit, the car will abruptly stop/slow down as if it really wants you to change lanes. This did NOT happen on earlier versions but seems to have appeared in the last 1-2 software updates.

Others noticing this?

Magic 8 Ball | 24. november 2019

I had the car do a rapid slowdown to change lanes and get ready for an interchange recently. There was traffic to my right side and the car wanted to change lanes and was blocked. As the interchange was coming up the car decided it had to slow down to get behind the car blocking us. This is not how I would have done it but I do see other drivers drive like that. I am not sure I would call it a bug vs just a different driving style.

tesla | 24. november 2019

I guess the point is, it's odd that the car would prepare for a lane change when I haven't signaled that I want to *do* the lane change..... shouldn't it only try to 'prepare' if I actually click on the signal? In any event, in my case the car basically was just stopping in the middle of the freeway and I wound up disengaging a/p. As a side note, I even pressed 'cancel' on the lane change about six times and it still came back as a suggestion!

surfpearl | 25. november 2019

Definitely NOT a bug. If the "car wants you to exit" it's because you had instructed it to do so by engaging NoA. It follows that instruction regardless of your signaling or not signaling for the lane change before the exit. The car finds itself in the wrong lane before the scheduled exit and it doesn't know whether you forgot to signal or got distracted, so it wants to give you time to act by slowing down. If you "decide you'd rather stay on the freeway" you need to cancel NoA way in advance in order to prevent this unwanted abrupt stop/slow behavior. Can't blame the car if you give it mixed signals (no pun intended).

vmulla | 25. november 2019

+1 @surfearl

FISHEV | 25. november 2019

"Can't blame the car if you give it mixed signals (no pun intended)."@surfpearl

You can expect "smarter" behavior, simply slowing down when not appropriate is not what a human would do. If I get distracted and miss the exit the Nav will recalculate to next exist. That is what the NoA should do. It's already telling the driver to exit as does regular nav. If driver doesn't exit, plan B, nav to next exit is the "smart" move if car is in "Manual" regarding lane change.

EVRider | 25. november 2019

NoA will take exit ramps without confirmation even when lane change confirmations are required. This isn’t new behavior.

Sarah R | 25. november 2019

Every bug report about Autopilot will make it better.

TexasBob | 25. november 2019

+1 surfpearl - Tap the blue Navigate button and turn off NOAP. It will operate exactly as you wish on regular autopilot. You decide when to change lanes and which exit to take.

derotam | 25. november 2019

tesla | November 24, 2019
"I guess the point is, it's odd that the car would prepare for a lane change when I haven't signaled that I want to *do* the lane change."

Technicality here... Having Navigate on Autopilot selected for the route kind of gives the car permission to attempt to follow that direction. If you don't want it to follow the route in Nav on Autopilot, then just click it off for that route. If you want it on later, then turn it back on. You made the decision to stay on the highway, thereby contradicting Nav on Autopilot.

That being said, I do agree that Nav on AP isn't as smooth even without needing to change lanes, as just Autosteer+TACC.