Drop S and X to make CYBRTRK

Drop S and X to make CYBRTRK

Didnt Elon say recently that we dont need S and X any more. How would you feel if they converted the line to make the truck, given its popularity (and lack of paint defects and rivets)
Which would you see ought to be kept going, given a choice, S or X ?

whartline | 25. november 2019

Since it is a truck the most likely replacement would be the Model X, however I don't believe the majority of Model X drivers would rather drive a truck. | 25. november 2019

Noooo. I do hope they continue with the S/X and don't see any reason for them not too. Since the Cybertruck doesn't need paint, it may be easy to build at the Nevada GF or a new factory.

poloX | 26. november 2019

Not a truck guy and at first seen, I really ..,literally went WTF...? The matt black had changed my perception of the cyber truck. Not 100% convinced yet but the really tempting. I am now thinking hard about letting go of my X for the Cybertruck.

bp | 27. november 2019

Tesla will likely make changes to S & X so they can be produced on the same production line.

Tesla still needs those products - Musk's comments were focused more on profitability - S, X and Roadster will never have much financial impact - but are prestige products important to compete with the other manufacturers.

poloX | 28. november 2019

There are the things I would personally consider before making the decision on the CyberTruck
1. How big is this: length and width?
2. How heavy it is? It should be heavier than the X? Unless then had a breakthrough in battery tech which is possible. 7k lbs?
3. What is the Wh/Mile? My X uses 326Wh/m over 60k miles. This number measures the efficiency. It is the miles/G n ICE.
4. result from a crash test.
5. For the first time, Tesla describes the range as 250+ miles, 300+ miles and 500+ miles. What does this mean? If hauling payload or towing, then 250/300/500 and if not, then +miles?
6. And finally, all of the interior amenities, luxury, audio, comfy ride or not, noise....etc.

I would be using it as a passenger car, a sedan. Never will I tow or carry cargo more than 100 or 200 lbs. Would be awesome if some after makers folks could make a 3rd bench in the truck bed. Wish Tesla made a minivan. lol

Bighorn | 28. november 2019

My conjecture
1)same dimensions as F-15, per preseo
2) probably 5-6 k lbs
3) probably 350-375 Wh/m
4) I’m sure they’ve continued to prioritize safety
5) 3 different batteries. Towing big stuff probably halves range
6) interior looks awesome. Home theater or game console. Big work space with middle seat folded down.

Bighorn | 28. november 2019

F-150, per presentation

Coldfire73 | 28. november 2019

I think it would be a mistake for their European market share if production of the S/X were dropped in favour of the Cybrtrk. Not many people want a pickup truck in europe, even as a primary work vehicle. So even with its unique design, it's unlikely to be a high seller in Europe IMHO. That said, the 3 and Y are likely to be much easier to sell on size alone than the larger S and Xs. Which is a pity, since i love my X :)

bp | 28. november 2019

The difference between 250 and 300 mile versions could be the motors - not the battery pack.

The 500 mile version might have two of the battery packs, for use with a different motor configuration.

Musk may have mentioned the 500 mile version will have 250 KWh of battery pack(s). That would put the average energy consumption per mile at 500 W/mile, considerably more than an X. That probably means the combination of the ultra-strong body and larger battery pack, the CT will weight much more than an X (and why it can tow 14000 pounds).

If that's the case, if towing a 5000 pound trailer (the limit of an X), range reduction should not be as severe as with an X (which loses about half of its range when towing). Towing a lightweight trailer might get over 400 miles of range...

Bighorn | 28. november 2019

Not sure I agree with much of that. How is going from the most efficient RWD model to an AWD model going to improve efficiency by 20%? 3 battery sizes more likely.

Nobody mentioned a 250 kWh battery that I’m aware of—a 200kWh stack is far more likely. 500 Wh/m is highly unlikely. Terribly inefficient and out of line with serial improvements.

Trailering efficiency is mostly about drag profile, not weight.

Vawlkus | 29. november 2019

Cybertruck has gotta be more than 6k lbs. I mean, my X is almost 6k and I’m willing to bet the truck has to be heavier, since the X has aluminum in its construction to hold the weight down. | 29. november 2019

> 6K lbs is an advantage for tax purposes for some owners in USA.

Bighorn | 29. november 2019

Influenced by a couple articles, I guess. One said about 5000 lbs and the other said 1000 lbs more than a comparable pick up. F-150s run from 4069 to 5697 lbs.

rossRallen | 30. november 2019

Exchange my Model X for a Cybertruck? Never!

Bighorn | 30. november 2019
stevetecsmash | 30. november 2019

When will be the launch of Cybertruck in UK?