Do you use and trust autopilot?

Do you use and trust autopilot?

Love my 2 month old car and all the features. I have tried autopilot several times for a minute or two but then manually take over. A little nervous as to will the car stop, etc. I am planning a small trip from Fort Mill, SC to Savannah GA,and then one to Boca Raton, FL. Deep down I would really like to use Autopilot and looking for some assurance from those of you who use it often.

Does AP work as advertised? Looking forward to hearing your reviews.

teslamazing | 29. november 2019

@tanya read the OPs thread question

OP: Do you use and trust autopilot?
Me: 100%

Tanya: Idiot.

b_ott10 | 29. november 2019

Agree with most ,this is a driver assist feature. You must stay alert. I live on a long 2 lane street that has 25 mph speed limit and is regularly monitored by local police. I set the auto feature at 28 and that way I'm assured of not getting stopped for speeding.

coselectric | 29. november 2019

+1 @b_ott10

I forgot about one of my favorite autopilot applications... On a long stretch of 4-lane road on the west side of Colorado Springs (Vindicator Road, if anyone is familiar with the area) they recently dropped the speed limit to 35 mph and local police have made it a favorite speedtrap. It's such a long, wide open stretch that it's hard to force yourself to stay at 35, but I can't tell you how many tickets I've seen getting issued on that stretch. Just set the AP to 35 and kick back and relax. AP is also a speedtrap defense weapon!

rdh37 | 29. november 2019

I use the AP for my generally low-speed morning commute on the hwy. Think a lot of stop and go with some hwy speed intervals. It took time, and I am very vigilant, but I have come to trust the car in this scenario. I will also use it on an open straight hwy like the NJ Turnpike when there is not a lot of traffic around. At normal hwy speeds with a moderate amount of traffic, I still drive. I think I still do a better job under those conditions. However, the car keeps getting better so as long as it does, I will let it do more. My one quirk in this area; I have still not used navigate on auto-pilot. That functionality does not interest me. On a completely unrelated note, the wife wants a cybertruck. She used to want a Rivian but no more. Have a nice day.

thedrisin | 29. november 2019


yudansha™ | 29. november 2019

@ Hp.1193 Hope it made your day calling a stranger an idiot. Your answer doesn’t show your superior intelligence. Can’t elaborate? Hmm

Magic 8 Ball | 29. november 2019

Attacking people for typos and grammar is cool.

WardT | 29. november 2019

I don’t trust it and I get upset when it messes up. I found I am much more attentive and a better driver when using autopilot! I was on a trip using AP and was very alert and prepared to take over at any moment. When I turned it off and drove the old fashioned way I found myself not paying attention as much and a little careless! I get annoyed when it messes up because after so many years of Elon hyping up AP and it still gets confused about the simplest things. For example, I have not found it capable to seamlessly choose which lane when your lane turns into two lanes. I keep thinking we are still a LONG way from non-attentive AP on a freeway, let alone a side street.

Bighorn | 29. november 2019

I guess “Paying it forward” is not in some people’s vocabulary. Early adopters took pride in vetting and improving firmware.

bakshir66 | 29. november 2019

A couple of months ago, I used Autopilot/FSD 100% of time in the mountainous drive between the Yosemite entrance and Fresno. It was beautiful to watch the car negotiate all the curves and adjust speed around them. I enjoyed it immensely. All I could hear was the swishing sound between my hand the the FSD steering wheel. Brilliant!

teslamazing | 29. november 2019

Tanya, u butthurt?

Anywho, have a good wknd.

yudansha™ | 29. november 2019

@ Magic 8 Ball
If somebody attacked you please let Tesla know. This is unacceptable.

thedrisin | 29. november 2019

I have had very limited success with NoA. Every time I read one of these threads about people using it 90% time, I wonder what they are doing differently. I would like to have someone demonstrate to me how they do this.

Magic 8 Ball | 29. november 2019

t@nya Why did you claim to be me? Trying to impersonate me is an attack on me, not to mention your attack on me for making a typo.

kevin_rf | 29. november 2019

Wake me when the usual sticks and stones actually break some bones.

Meanwhile, AP was a life saver getting back from the mall tonight. Hopefully no one posts a video of my nap on 495 ;-)

yudansha™ | 29. november 2019

@ Magic 8 Ball Let Tesla know of that insidious attack on you.

Magic 8 Ball | 29. november 2019

Why? It is none of their business and I don't need to bother paid resources to interfere with paid resources. Trolls would suggest to contact Tesla over such matters, not surprised you come up that approach.

yudansha™ | 29. november 2019

@Magic 8 Ball did you confirm I’m a verified owner? How am I supposed to be a troll?

Magic 8 Ball | 29. november 2019

Why would being a verified owner preclude one from being a troll?

Bighorn | 29. november 2019

Would at least one of you cease and desist and end this shitshow cycle. It’s a fucking broken record and I’m embarrassed for the whole lot of you.
Happy Thanksgiving.

yudansha™ | 29. november 2019

Scrape this forum, and you’ll see you are no less of a troll with your constant “it’s a lie” attacks. You said I lied about getting 5k from Tesla for supercharger.

aperfectecho | 29. november 2019

Yes. All the time. I travel to Stafford, VA from Fairfax, VA twice a week on 495/95. Works very well. However, I am not 100% trusting, so drive defensively. I have had a few instances of phantom braking, and also sudden stops with the new "one pedal" driving option. So, I am careful, but I believe it is excellent.
Have used Smart Summon a number of times, and it is impressive.
I think it's getting better all the time

Sarah R | 29. november 2019

I've had my M3 all of two days. Today was the first day I could really take it out for a drive. First impressions:

TACC is awesome.
Autopilot is very good.
But ... we're going to have to get to know each other before we go for tsaheylu.

NoA seemed a little squirrelly when I tried to engage it, beginning with a little tug to each side, but steering settled in quickly. The accelerator needed a little hint to get up to speed limit, but then proceeded to drive I-405 from Santa Ana to Laguna Hills with aplomb. Not exactly how I would have done it, but perfectly acceptable. I never really felt like it was struggling. So ... First we try, then we trust.

Shesmyne2 | 29. november 2019

‘First we try, then we trust’.
My sentiments exactly. I am way more leery of NOA than the hubs.
I do use it, mainly on road trips where I find it very impressive.
But yea, you really still need to pay close attention & be ready to take over in a flash.
In traffic I find TACC works quite well and I trust it more than NOA because, well, BETA.

Still Grinning ;-)

Magic 8 Ball | 29. november 2019

Hilarious, Mr, Big carries out endless shitshow cycles with Fishy and calls out others for their shitshows. Maybe jealous his shitshow is not good enought?

Bighorn | 29. november 2019

Congrats Sarah—look forward to your acculturation. Love your way with words and nerdy bona fides.

vmulla | 29. november 2019

Pepperidge | November 27, 2019
Trust = knowing good and bad.


‘First we try, then we trust’.


And like we were telling our little one at the dinner table, you don’t know what it tastes like unless you taste it.

Sarah R | 29. november 2019

@vmulla - And like we were telling our little one at the dinner table, you don’t know what it tastes like unless you taste it.

of course by then, it's too late!

sbeggs | 29. november 2019

Hey @Sarah R,
Could you please clarify what exactly is tsaheylu?

Sarah R | 29. november 2019

@sbeggs If you have to ask, you're not worthy to know.

SolArray | 29. november 2019

Can you trust any cruise control (however full-featured) to safely drive you to destination? Of course not.
However, if you begin by using cruise features (including setting desired MPH over posted limit, following distance) and get used to adjusting speed setting with right scroll wheel and easily cancelling whenever the situation warrants it - you should be extremely pleased.
Because, as you get more comfortable you will add lane-keeping (when the road's conditions and lane markings are adequate for camera detection), Nav. on Autopilot when truly useful (major roadway to major roadway).

As with any other car - stay in charge - constantly determine when to use automated vs manual control and switch whenever necessary. After over a year, I do this effortlessly and Love It !!

marka2k | 30. november 2019

I don’t trust it, one day it’s perfect, the next day right after it’s activated it swerves right crosses the line and then swerves back left and does it till I shut if off. Does it on the very same road and weather conditions when it had no issues. Service says Autopilot is still Beta and it will improve, fingers crossed for the update that resolves this issue.

teslamazing | 30. november 2019

@mabdo “it swerves right crosses the line and then swerves back left and does it till I shut if off”

You have dashcam video of this ? Have a hard time believing that entire statement.

marka2k | 30. november 2019


I do have video and submitted it to service. I just changed my username just FYI to avoid confusion.

teslamazing | 30. november 2019

Care to share on here ?

marka2k | 30. november 2019

I can, not sure how to do it? Is it as simple as using photobucket and post the link or?

teslamazing | 30. november 2019

Not familiar with photobucket. I use imgur and it’s simple.


marka2k | 30. november 2019

I tried posting the link from imgur but keep getting an access denied I am not allowed to post? I will continue to try not sure why I am getting the error?

teslamazing | 30. november 2019

You have the type the words “ link: “

Look at mine above with the imgur link

marka2k | 30. november 2019


Sorry should have noticed that, thanks for the correction. This video was prior to installing an SSD hopefully I captured enough relevant information. Service said it was getting confused between the actual white line and the old one, the old one they mentioned is actually Milled Rumble Strips that they use in Oklahoma. It does not always perform the 'bounce' even on the same stretch of highway (169) I drove to Oklahoma City from Tulsa twice and could not use AP because of the this behavior.

marka2k | 30. november 2019

I looked on the SSD not sure how maintenance is performed but I have no recent clips as I have not driven for a couple of days.

FISHEV | 30. november 2019

"I do have video and submitted it to service."@marka2k

No need to provide them. You don't have to prove anything to anyone and those who asked are not really looking for any information and whatever you provide will be dismissed. We've had videos of Lane Keeping not working with the Tesla tech in the car and Tesla factory on speaker phone and that is not believed by the true believers.

In posting links including some text with the link. The forum software rejects links with no accompanying text explanation.

teslamazing | 30. november 2019

Marka, does the same behavior occur on the left side ?

Also when service said it’s a beta feature and will improve, they didn’t see the video did they? Because your car needs serviced because that shouldn’t happen, even in “beta”

teslamazing | 30. november 2019

Fuck off fish.

marka2k | 30. november 2019

They did have the video at the time and yes it does the same behavior if I am in the left lane. They also mentioned they looked at the information of the vehicle and they did not notice any hardware issues. Also mentioned was that it sends information back to mothership if I take control of the vehicle and that will assist in working the bugs out.

Devilstower | 30. november 2019

I used Autopilot almost constantly -- though I keep my hands on the wheel and stay alert to take over -- on the highway, it's fantastic. Did a couple of 1000+ mile trips where AP was on nearly 100% of the time and it made things so, so much nicer.

On little curvy roads, I'll throw it on just to watch the technowonder of the things braking for a 30mph turn, steering around a nearly 90 degree turn, and holding that line like glue.

All that said, I know there are a couple of scenarios that force me to take over. One is off ramps / on ramps that come right at a curve in the road. AP seems to be able to see about the same distance ahead that I can, and if it can't see the end of a ramp, it makes the assumption that it's no a ramp at all ... the road just got wider. So it will try to center itself in this suddenly wider "lane." Then, when the other end of the ramp becomes visible, it will realize the mistake and snap back to the original position ... kind of unpleasantly. Knowing this comes up, I often keep control of the car when I'm in the right lane. If I'm a lane over, it goes past these intersections without a burp.

marka2k | 30. november 2019


Agreed %100 however when the lanes ‘widen’ it normally shows on the screen (blue lines get wider as well) from my experience. I am driving to Chicago after Christmas will be interesting to see results for my issue.

Bighorn | 30. november 2019

Posting link tip:
A space or return before the link is all that’s necessary.

teslamazing | 30. november 2019

Nothing against marka, but his or her first initial claim was not as detailed when they posted the info about the rumble strip with the link. In a way it makes sense, however it still shouldn’t behave that way. Can’t really tell how solid that adjacent white line is from the video.

To me when the initial claim about the car going over the lines was made, I pictured a three lane highway and they were in the middle and it was behaving that way, which wasn’t the case at all.

Marka, thx for the video and info.

WardT | 30. november 2019

Bighorn: I think when you are beta testing in a situation where people die every day as a result of driver error, it is not necessarily appropriate for the general public. I use AP with great caution and don't like it when it get's confused. It is better now, but by now it really should be much better based on Elon's claims and the money spent by owners. Add to that almost zero training and common confusion when the car does something we don't understand and it is difficult to find out why it did what it did (hard brake, misdirected steering, etc). We get beeps but frequently know not why it beeped. It is getting better and that is great. I just hope I live long enough to see it completd!!!