Update not downloading

Update not downloading

I picked up a 2018 Model X 75D in a private sale at the beginning of the month. Love it! BUT I can't get it to download the latest software update. I have connected it to our WiFi at home, and it sits about 10 feet from our router. I have tried the Scroll wheel reset, and the power off reset, but it never starts downloading. I have also emailed Tesla Customer Support, but they are very slow to respond. Anyone else have this problem? Suggestions?

christineccra | 29. november 2019

We are having the same problem. Been on numerous websites apparently Tesla only let certain Vin numbers download over certain amount of time not sure if this is true…

ann | 03. desember 2019

To get the update, I had to chat online with Tesla support. They started it by trying to push the update, and then I was able to go into the Tesla app and start the update. Done!