Cybertruck T-shirts already on eBay....

Cybertruck T-shirts already on eBay....

Tesla is slow on their merchandising for the Cybertruck....I want to start discussions NOW! So I bought one of the Bulletproof t-shirts on eBay to wear and start those conversations. I want a Cybertruck Model from Tesla to tide me over until mine is ready. How about the standard Calvin peeing on Chevy, Ford and Ram Trucks, but the stream is cutting them in half! I am expecting a lot of harassment from the regular truck guys....ugly, looks like a doorstop, or a kitchen appliance—blah blah blah- so I am ready to argue where the Cybertruck is superior in so many ways. Hoping that Bioweapon Defense Mode is standard, or available as an option too!

jordanrichard | 02. desember 2019

Perhaps Tesla is focused on their mission versus selling swag. I attended the LA auto show while out there for the Cybrtrk unveiling and at the Porsche display, they actually set a mini store, selling Porsche swag/gear.

jordanrichard | 02. desember 2019

Also BTW, by you buying that t-shirt you are contributing to those selling unauthorized items, capitalizing on Tesla’s IP.

carlk | 02. desember 2019

On the other hand it's a free advertisement. I think it's fine since Tesla does not market its own merchandize.

Nightstick | 02. desember 2019

I'll wait till I can get some official authorized and licensed merchandise!

americanexpress... | 02. desember 2019
Lightglass | 05. desember 2019

I will buy some of the Tesla stuff as soon as it comes out- and the Cybertruck model instantly! So far, I haven’t been encountering as much resistance as I thought I would from truck users...saving a ton of money on fuel and maintenance is attractive to them!

TabascoGuy | 06. desember 2019

...and total cost of ownership too.

Ross1 | 06. desember 2019

Are the copyright designs 'open'?