Tesla's poor support is going to cause me to loose an insurance claim

Tesla's poor support is going to cause me to loose an insurance claim

Does anyone know how to get a person from Tesla support to return a call?

In October I brought my car to Tesla into the SC in Littleton Colorado to have my winter tires put on the car. They noticed I had a bubble in one of the tires and as a result I had to put a new set of four on because the tires (Pirelli Soto Zero II) were no longer available and the Soto Zero III were not compatible. When I was leaving they asked me if I wanted a paper receipt or email. I asked for email. They never sent the receipt.

I put a roads hazard claim on the damaged tire and the hazard insurance wants a copy of the receipt showing the tires were replaced. I have sent several emails and called and left messages at the Littleton SC explaining the problem and literally begging them to call me back and they won't and I can never get anything but voice mail.

I am running out of time to get the receipt and I am 2000 miles from Littleton so I can't just drive there and force someone to deal with this.

Does anyone know how to get a human being to talk to you when calling and emailing gets ignored!

Boy is Tesla Service going down hill compare to what it was like when I bought my car!

Anthony J. Parisio | 03. desember 2019

Go back to the SC in person. Ask them for a copy of the receipt.

barrykmd | 03. desember 2019

Yeah, just show up at the SC.

EVRider | 03. desember 2019

Try contacting Tesla using the Request Help link on your vehicle account page. Does your credit card company show any details for the transaction?

Bighorn | 03. desember 2019

On the phone choices, choose service and status of my repair.

Tldickerson | 03. desember 2019

@Anthony J. Parisio,
Go back to the SC in person. Ask them for a copy of the receipt.

He said he's 2,000 miles away from them. Not a very easy stop by to get a receipt!

Bighorn | 03. desember 2019

His local service center may be able to handle pushing an old receipt though if the phone-in technique doesn’t work. | 03. desember 2019

@bill - Wow. You must live in Upper British Columbia, Lower Mexico, or Massachusetts to have to drive 2000 miles to have your tires changed in Littleton, CO. Must be a closer SvC to you or perhaps simply use a local tire store to change back next time. ;-)

bill | 03. desember 2019

I have tried everything suggested except the local service station which for me is in Vancouver BC. I live in Denver in the Summer and Whistler BC in the Winter and it is about a 2000 mile drive from Whistler to Littleton.

I will try Vancouver they have always been very good to me.

mizunosan | 03. desember 2019

Just FYI, the Bellevue,WA SC on 20th has been VERY good to me if BC is not working out for you too.
Long road trip, but Seattle area is nice right now, and no snow!

DRFLGD | 03. desember 2019

bill: have any friends in Denver that can pop over to Liittleton for you?

kawdennis | 03. desember 2019

6 years ago When asked I only had positive comments to say about Tesla, now I say no comment

Reds Tesla | 03. desember 2019

OK guys. Here is a secret number to call: Jeffrey Hickey at 725-205-6434. He is a technical advisor/troubleshooter in the Nevada corporate office and has solved every problem I ever had. If you are polite and ask him to help solve a problem, he is very receptive.

RatherBeBoarding | 03. desember 2019

This sounds very very bad, but how much insurance you are going to get for that one tire? I assume it is prorated, 100.00? 50.00? I know that is a lot of money, just curious since I never claimed those.

bill | 03. desember 2019

@RatherBeBoarding - You are correct it is only pennies but that is not the point.

bill | 03. desember 2019

So I drove to the Vancouver SC. It took them like a minute to pull up my record and email it to me.

So clearly Tesla is ignoring their emails to support and the littleton SC is ignoring their phone calls since what I was asking only took a minute to resolve.

I hope this is not the direction Tesla is going because it is clearly penny wise and $ foolish. I certainly won't be going there for anything I can get done elsewhere.

Bighorn | 03. desember 2019

Fancy that. Who would have thought?

Haggy | 06. desember 2019

If they don't return email, an approach is to use the app, schedule service, and for the reason, say that your car is fine but you need the completed work order from your last visit mailed to you.

sentabo | 06. desember 2019

bill - Glad you figured out a way to make it work. It might be worth adding "Solved" to your subject matter, since you will not be losing your insurance claim.