360 degree view for parking

360 degree view for parking

I’ve had 360 degrees view with my NISAN Qashqai for years, and then got a Model 3 and missed this feature desperately.
Tesla - please add 360-degree bird's eye view camera for parking.

spuzzz123 | 03. desember 2019

An oft discussed feature request. The consensus is that the cameras used in model 3 are not oriented properly to provide the 360 degree Birdseye view.

numrich | 03. desember 2019

The lack of the 360 view camera is the feature I most miss from my prior Chevy Bolt. Never as comfortable as I would like parking either forward or reverse, especially given how common and easy curb rash is for the M3. For me, I also believe my reverse camera 'guide lines' are not exactly calibrated correctly which makes my parking in reverse more difficult. Planning to have Tesla take a look on my next (first) occasion to have the car in the shop.

But as noted by the spuzzz123 post above, I do not think it is possible for Tesla to add this feature.

whtrbbt | 03. desember 2019

I miss this feature from my wife’s MB GLC as well. Is this consensus view confirmed by Tesla? The distribution of views looks like a complete 360 in the site description of sensor coverage. The conversion to bird’s eye should be a software solution if the camera coverage is there.

-TheJohn- | 03. desember 2019

For those still watching/reading at this point I'd like to inform you that the individual named as fishev in this thread is a super long term infestation troll who has been banned at least once for spreading utterly false and defamatory things about Tesla and for being a liar.

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jimglas | 03. desember 2019

As usual, Fish is wrong

lbowroom | 03. desember 2019

Take a look at TeslaCam footage and you’ll see you don’t get close enough to the car on the ground to make a Birdseye view

lbowroom | 03. desember 2019

If you look at cars that have it, they have cameras that point straight down

vmulla | 03. desember 2019

I've seen the visualization of the surrounding area in Lamborghini Urus, and I've seen the Autopilot day presentation. Put the two together and you can imagine what IS possible. Birds eye view will seem primitive...
In early 2015 I never understood why a car like Tesla didn't have adaptive cruise - then Tesla blew my brain out with Autopilot. I expect similar leap with real-time visualization - both of the road, and parking area.

WEST TEX EV | 03. desember 2019

A-pillar cams seem ideally suited for this.

whtrbbt | 03. desember 2019

I'm not sure how reliant bird's eye is on the cameras pointing down. In the MB, only four cameras are used. The side cameras on the mirrors do point down, but the forward and rear cameras don't. I expect the coverage from the forward and rear facing side cameras on the M3 give at least as much side data as the MB though they may not cover the area right below them as well. While I agree with @vmulla that there is the potential for leapfrogging current visualization, it would be nice to see it occur.

mrburke | 03. desember 2019

Has anyone seen video from the A-pillar cameras ?
If so, is there any way for mere mortals to access it ?

lbowroom | 03. desember 2019

A-pillar cameras? Where are there cameras in the A-pillar?

Haggy | 05. desember 2019

I don't know how feasible it is, but I really missed not having it when the Model S was new. Over time, they added the backup lines to the rear view video display and that made it less necessary. Then they added automatic parking and it made it even less necessary. Likewise, auto tilting mirrors have been there for a long time. I'm not saying that 360 would be bad, but there are other things to help with parking.

"Adaptive cruise on Model 3 is "Beta" and it acts like it as we see with all the random braking questions."

I've had ACC on cars since 2006, and just because other people called it production doesn't mean that anybody did it better. Tesla's is the best I ever had. I've never seen random braking. There has been phantom braking for known causes, and these days, braking sometimes happens when it's overcautious based on what cars in adjacent lanes are doing, which I see as a good thing.

There are no A-pillar cameras.

FISHEV | 05. desember 2019

“Tesla's is the best I ever had. I've never seen random braking.”

Most have seen it and it is a frequent topic on all the Tesla Forums. First car I had with adaptive cruise was the 2015 Subaru. No random braking and very smart on people cutting in front. If they were close but going faster than me, it did not brake but let person keep pulling ahead. If person pulled in and hit brakes, Subaru was on it.

ACC is “Beta” for Tesla because of “Full Self Driving”. Be nice if Tesla had a AP setup and AP/FSD setup so AP safety features are not held hostage ot needs of FSD.

-TheJohn- | 05. desember 2019

Please keep in mind that fishev is a dedicated and likely paid troll whose job is to crap on Tesla and promote other vehicles.

Please also take the time to report them at and be sure to flag all their posts for deletion.

thedrisin | 06. desember 2019

@numrich. "I also believe my reverse camera 'guide lines' are not exactly calibrated correctly which makes my parking in reverse more difficult."

When reverse parking into a parking space, my car almost always points to the left, even when the wheel guidelines seem to be parallel to the parking space lines. Others have found the same. It might be helpful to have a second set of fixed guidelines representing the vehicle that some other systems have. Just sayin'.

ravi | 06. desember 2019

front & camera can be used to show aerial views (the half at least). Side camera which is on top of the front wheel could show some part of the parking lines? You have sensors all around measuring distance. I think TESLA can create a great aerial view with these details.

St☰v☰ | 06. desember 2019

@spuzzz123 | December 3, 2019
An oft discussed feature request. The consensus is that the cameras used in model 3 are not oriented properly to provide the 360 degree Birdseye view.

Not sure I agree with that. Currently, the 3 has a rear facing camera over the rear license plate, a forward facing camera in the rear view mirror housing, 2 cameras on each side located in the Tesla logos and then there are another 2 side facing cameras in each door pillar. So it would seem with those 6 cameras there should be sufficient views to enable a quasi 360º view, just my 2¢. Honestly though, I don't know what the door pillar cameras do or whether they even work, perhaps they are like the rear facing camera in the cabin itself.

lbowroom | 06. desember 2019

Just look at your tesla cam footage and tell me how close around the car, like parking logs and painted lines you can see.