Tesla does not want used Tesla...

Tesla does not want used Tesla...

Trading in MX17 100D 40k miles for model 3.
$24k trade in??? Ouch!

EVGuy2018 | 11. desember 2019

Typical of car dealers, they won’t pay “diddley squat”. Contact me, perhaps I’ll buy it.

ernie | 11. desember 2019

Drive any new car, but especially a fully loaded MX out the door and you can expect $0.20 on the dollar. I buy with the expectation of this reality and keep work vehicles of which I have 16 for the long haul. Properly maintained, costs per mile are way below getting in and out of new vehicles. I would give away a 2017 MX with 40k miles on it rather than take $24k. Just my personal opinion and others are free to have theirs. Most of us are constrained (as am I) with garage space for personal vehicles and that is huge. Now with the new Cybervehicle on the horizon, I am faced with NO garage space due to cabinets in garage and refer. It will be an outside vehicle.

BumblebeEV | 11. desember 2019

I need a 7 seater right fuc&$%! Now!
My wife is giving birth in 3 months and our minivan engine just busted
Contact me on my forum name and add

i’m buying it and need it before February 12th!

damianku | 12. desember 2019

@MaXXER - What part of the country are you in?

SO | 12. desember 2019

List on

BumblebeEV | 12. desember 2019


Eastern Canada

damianku | 18. desember 2019

@Maxxer Unfortunately I am in South Louisiana. About as for as I can get. LOL