GM all in Toyota disagrees

GM all in Toyota disagrees

lbowroom | 06. desember 2019


R.I.P Kobe | 06. desember 2019


I owned an Escalade hybrid and it was a disaster. Hopefully they do it right this time.

Wormtown Kris | 06. desember 2019

If they build GOOD EVs, they will sell. If it's overpriced, low-tech, low-spec, they will pile up on the dealer lots.
So in the case of GM's FINALLY having an epiphany, it depends what they produce. A less ugly Bolt with three more years of efficiency gains should sell fine. A heavy, low- performance Audi e-Tron clone will be a dog on the market. And Toyota? Dead Man Walking. Keep investing in Fool Cells. LOL.

Frank99 | 06. desember 2019

A Bolt with a nationwide fast charging network would be a winner-especially if they ever advertised it.

Scrannel | 06. desember 2019

Tesla is like porn to a very large number of Americans. Governor of Alaska invites Musk to produce his Cyber Truck up there, and someone lets Sara Palin out of her straight jacket long enough to trash the truck. Why? I mean really why? Rejecting science and rejecting "being smart" is a credo among these people. Embracing plug-in cars is embracing "being smart." And in this country, "being stupid" is a political juggernaut. That's why, of course, Ford decided to electrify a Mustang.

spuzzz123 | 07. desember 2019

I really like the concept photo of that electric cadillac. And I historically hate cadillacs. That’s the way to reinvent you brand and stay alive for another 50 years. Just hope they go through with it and it isn’t lip service

Scrannel | 07. desember 2019

Some recent Cadillacs have been amazing and the only thing that kept me away was the local dealer. Which brings up the question: are the new, American EVs going to "come standard with" a money making, dealer service schedule?

Bighorn | 07. desember 2019

The Bolt would only succeed amongst those with a crushed spirit. Yes, a lot of us succumbed to the homely Prius, but what choice did we have back then? Too many options to choose from for that design disaster to succeed.

andy.connor.e | 07. desember 2019

None of these companies have ever believed in EVs. Toyota has been making hybrids for decades but does not make good EVs still. Its propaganda as far is i care.