Battery, how low is to low?

Battery, how low is to low?

I went down to 12 miles yesterday. Is that bad? I have never gone below 70 miles in the year I have owned my model 3.

How bad is it? Never do it? once or twice a year?

hokiegir1 | 07. desember 2019

A few times while traveling, as long as you don't leave it there (so, plug in soon after stopping) is fine.

Bighorn | 07. desember 2019

Not a huge deal other than putting you at risk of running out. Probably better to not let it sit at that SOC for longer periods as the cells are most stressed at low and high voltages

FISHEV | 07. desember 2019

I've had mine go as low as 2% as I don't have home charging so occasional deep discharges are going to happen. You try and keep them to a minimum. Deep discharge, full charging and fast charging all lower the battery life.

The 15% rule is good basic charging range to use. Don't charger higher than 85% (270 miles) or lower than 15% (50 miles). The more the battery can live in the goldilocks zone of 85-15%, the longer it will last.

vmulla | 07. desember 2019

Green color battery icon = all good
Amber = let's find a charger soon, ok?
Red = we're here anyway, but we really shouldn't be
Alerts on the screen = bad things might happen if you ignore them

I enjoyed my car without really babying my battery, and hit single digit range numbers dozens of times. Same with 100% SOC for extended duration, and over 170 Supercharger visits. I know that the range displayed on the screen does not directly indicate battery health, but I'm almost at 50k and I'm seeing 310 miles of range @100% SOC.

That's freaking incredible!!!

So... Just put your worry away and enjoy the car

Bighorn | 07. desember 2019

Also remember, zero isn’t zero and full isn’t full. There are buffers on either end. It would be a full job job to try to appreciably impact your battery’s capacity. Another subject that you can let go of.

jordanrichard | 07. desember 2019

Just don’t make a habit of it.

Teslanene | 07. desember 2019

At what percentage does the red icon come up?

Bighorn | 07. desember 2019

8% I think.