7800 Miles and 80% range

7800 Miles and 80% range

Hi Tesla Forum,
I know there are many discussions on battery degradation and range, so thought I'd add another one.

2019 Model 3 with 7800k on it. Charge to 80% when needed (defined below). Over time of ownership and various software updates, my 80% range is around 268 miles, and used to be 280. I know there are many factors that go into the calculation, but I used to get 280 miles +/- 2. Not +/- 10.

My charging behavior is such that I charge usually every 2-3 days when range hits 150 miles.

So questions:
1) Is the 268 mile range "expected"
2) I know the manual says its great to charge the car every day. Is my 150 mile charging habit bad?

jdcollins5 | 07. desember 2019

Instead of reading the other bajillion posts and determining that range miles has nothing to do with degradation?

Discharge to <20% and back to 100% to improve range mile calculation.

FISHEV | 07. desember 2019

Bottom line is anything other than 30% reduction in range over first 8 years is going to be called "within normal limits". We've seen owners post the same response from Tesla when having what seem to be fast battery degradation.

10% reduction in battery capacity first year is "within normal limits."
15% reduction in battery capacity by second year is "within normal limits".

Warranty only says 30% in first eight years.

Joshan | 07. desember 2019

Read this post with a response from Tesla about the battery and range it should help you understand. Also, ignore Fish he is a known troll with an anti-tesla agenda.

Tronguy | 07. desember 2019

Public Service Announcement:

FISHEV is a known troll of several years standing and multiple user names whose agenda is to disrupt threads, insult posters, inject false information, and deflect the conversation off topic. Please avoid responding to his/her/its posts.

johnathan.chick | 07. desember 2019

Thanks for the feedback.

So more clarity here — so I checked and my car is actually charging to what I think is 90% (left End if trip range). And I may have mixed up the 80/90%. No biggie

However, Car is charging to 90% and a 90% charge for me is around 268 which seems even worse. I guess I used to get 280 at 90%.

Playing with the phone app, if I move the slide all the way over to the right (full charge), it shows 298 mile range. It definitely used to charge to 310 mile. Did something change or is this “normal”

Tesla2018 | 08. desember 2019

Might be the weather. I am in FL and I got better mileage when I first started doing stats on the car since I didnt need ac or heat on from Nov to April in most cases. Then in the summer it got worse since I had the AC on all the time. Now it is back up again since I am not using the AC. At 100% it use to be about 305 and mow its about 315, so maybe it bases the estimate on the average of your ranges. In any case its still cheaper than gas and I only went over 300 miles away one so it doesnt really matter. My other car has a 10 gallon tank and gets 24 mpg in town and 30 on the highway so I worry more about that since its a 60 mile difference per fillup and the total range is less than on the Tesla.

M3phan | 08. desember 2019

Normal. My slider guesstimator has shown at 100% everything in the last two weeks from 298 to 315. Relax. All good.

johnathan.chick | 08. desember 2019

Thank you!

thedrisin | 08. desember 2019

My slider 291 at 100%.

thedrisin | 08. desember 2019

At 11k miles