Superchargers out of order

Superchargers out of order

Driving a long distance for the holidays, I couldn’t help notice quite a few supercharging stations were out of order. Is there anyway to report them?

Xerogas | 22. desember 2019

@md_trac: phone number is right there on the pedestal

lilbean | 22. desember 2019

@Xerogas So we don't just post it here on the forum to report it? ;)

FISHEV | 22. desember 2019

"Is there anyway to report them?"

Tap the "T" on the car's screen and call the "Emergency" number. One of the choices will be "Charging Issues". When they answer, report the defective charger. The recording will say "No need to report" but you will find they don't know the stall is down so always report any SC issues.

We had a bunch of them on the over used PDX Metro area SC's and the repair man made a pass in early October to fix a lot of issues. It's helped a lot but we still see stalls going down and low power situations so always call.

Also, the repair man asked that owners put the cables back in the holster otherwise Tesla cannot "see" them to tell if there is a problem. Owners will loop cable over the non-working chargers to help out other owners but Tesla says it can't tell what is wrong if it is not in the holster or in a car.