Dangerous voice commands

Dangerous voice commands

You know it is coming : )

Ho Ho Ho.

It sure was sneaky of Tesla to implement so many more voice commands without really a hint that it was going to be part of our Xmas present. A fantastic upgrade, once again, no extra charge.

kevin_rf | 25. desember 2019

So does it automatically pull over and roll down the window to make an offer?

Magic 8 Ball | 25. desember 2019

That would be a trick ;)

gwolnik | 25. desember 2019

Back in the days of assembler programming, the joke was to be careful and not accidentally use the command HCF (halt and catch fire!)

1089 | 25. desember 2019

You usually protected against that by using a Didn't Do Loop. ;-)

jordanrichard | 25. desember 2019

Yes, be carefully saying “Ho, Ho, Ho” when on AP to Nav, you will end up in the red light district........ :-)

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 25. desember 2019

“ You know it is coming : )”

LOL. It won’t be dangerous, but maybe a tesla kludge to crudely make up for the fact that they didn’t add a mechanical toggle switch for every function in order to save cost. ;)

kevin_rf | 25. desember 2019

You'll only end up in a red light district if you have HW 3. HW 2.5 will not recognize the red lights.

WW_spb | 25. desember 2019


gwolnik | 25. desember 2019

To goto or not to goto, that is the question!

Varricks | 27. desember 2019

Feeling lucky?