Bluetooth audio volume

Bluetooth audio volume

Both Model X and Model 3 with 40.50.1 default to maximum audio volume when connects to Bluetooth audio device (Apple iPhone X on 13.3). When iPhone playing audio at 25% volume to Bluetooth earphones switches over to Tesla, Tesla will play audio near maximum volume unless volume is manually lowered in time. | 29. desember 2019

Hard to say who's at fault here. It could be the iPhone software, the Bluetooth hardware in the phone, the Bluetooth hardware in the car or the Tesla software. Did this occur in prior iPhone or prior Tesla versions?

CantPhilMe | 30. desember 2019

same issue, this is especially annoying when I don't have music playing so I'm not expecting any noise but an email/text alert will cause everyone in the car to cover their ears.

jrweiss98020 | 30. desember 2019

No problem with my M3 and LG G4 Android phone. Just tried out both yesterday.

kamyar.marashi | 18. februar 2020

Same issue here with my model 3 and my iphone Xs iOS 13.3.1

Any updates from Tesla on this issue?
Really hurts everyones ears and as CantPhilMe said its often not expected so this startles people in the car... : (

abbyford269 | 18. februar 2020