Destination Charging Question

Destination Charging Question

I didn’t have enough “juice” to get to a Tesla Supercharger but stopped at a destination charger. I was told it was only for customers staying at the hotel. I thought you could use a destination charger?? I also have free supercharger miles or should they allow me to charge and pay??


BadgerErickson | 31. desember 2019

If you do not find your solution(s) in the article, at the bottom there is a ladder wherein "charging" is listed again for a more inclusive field can be accessed.

The Support section of the Tesla website has MANY answers, in several different aspects of ownership. | 31. desember 2019

The owners of the destination charger pay for the parking space and electricity. Many provide it for free to anyone, but I don't think there is any requirement that they make it free to everyone. It does cost them real money.

Destination chargers have no options to pay and they are not connected via data to Tesla, so Tesla has no idea if they are in use and can't bill anyone. They really have nothing to do with Supercharging or any free Supercharger miles.

In situations like yours, I'd politely ask if I can use it for a short time, perhaps under an hour, if you spend money in the hotel bar or dining. My guess many hotels may say yes - you're now a customer!

BadgerErickson | 31. desember 2019 for the Ambassador of 2019 WIN!!!

johncrab | 31. desember 2019

Destination chargers are provided as a courtesy to customers. If you are in a real bind, be up front, explain your predicament and ask nicely if you can pay them to get enough energy to get to a supercharger (while hoping it works). They may be very nice and tell you to go ahead but they are paying for the energy. One should at least offer to compensate in some way and not just plug in and steal energy.

PrescottRichard | 31. desember 2019

This is what the Tesla page says for charging at our local Marriott. I certainly wouldn’t flaunt this in the face of any unfortunate desk employee-

SpringHill Suites by Marriott
200 E Sheldon St Prescott, AZ 86301
Driving Directions
(928) 776-0998
Roadside Assistance
(877) 798-3752
1 Tesla Connector, up to 8kW.
Available to the public. Self park.

Others may be different on that page-

I agree one should approach with hat in hand and try to buy something (not unlike using a rest room at a gas station).

EVRider | 31. desember 2019

Many destination chargers are only available to customers of the businesses that provide them, so that's not unusual.

Ross1 | 31. desember 2019

Tesla supply the unit by mail, in a box. After that we as Destinations pay the electrician, cable, materials, and the power. We would consider it a marketing cost whereby we calculate on it returning income for us.

Ross1 | 31. desember 2019

observe, the person fronting up with a Tesla would invariably be wealthier than the staff at the Destination. You would look sick begging free power from the poor.

Tesla2018 | 01. januar 2020

Most hotels have valets that plug in the cars. Just go to the front desk or talk to the valet and tell them of your predicament and tip the valet, or state that you will buy lunch there and show your receipt. Just don't be a jerk and leave the car their with them not having a way to contact you. A guest staying at the hotel overnite might have decided to stay their because it had a charger and it wouldn't be right to have people just pull in and charging without being a customer.

ernie | 01. januar 2020

After four years of hard experience I have determined that over 90% of the public will abuse almost anything. I put in two Clipper HC 60 chargers in a condo complex where I have two condos I rent out through a local resort. I put up a sign which states: FREE CHARGING TO BUILDING OCCUPANTS OTHERS SEE FRONT DESK FOR $10 FEE. I spent over $4,000 grading, installing electrical and buying the chargers. I further pay all the electrical bills. I have never been there when some local resident or nearby building guest has NOT come over and used it. In all these years, not one person has paid one thin dime even when I asked them if they were a guest in the building. Easy to see as there are only four units per building and I own two. These are the people who will eat a couple of grapes before checking out at the grocery store. Color me disillusioned as to the inherent goodness of the average electric vehicle owner. Oh, and if you think $10 is too much, consider the hotel would get $4 and I $6...but 100% of ZERO is still ZERO, and $10 would cover any and all use for a week. Hell of a deal, but free is better in their mind I guess.

jimglas | 01. januar 2020

consider putting the chargers in lock boxes with the key in the condos and front desk?

andy.connor.e | 01. januar 2020

As long as people can get away with it, they will take advantage of anything and everything.

andy.connor.e | 01. januar 2020

+1 @jim

You can get a lockable NEMA-3R enclosure and have the key at the front desk

ernie | 01. januar 2020

I am reaching out to Clipper to see if they have some suggestions. Other than a padlock with a long shackle.

Darryl | 01. januar 2020

Tesla provides the equipment and installation. The owner of the property provide the space for the chargers and pay the electric bill. It is up to the owner of the property to set the rules regarding the use. Most require you be a patron of the business. Some require you pay for parking or pay for valet parking to use the Destination Charger. If you are real nice to the people at the location they may let you charge but it is not a right or guarantee. There are plenty of pay chargers on PlugShare or ChargePoint.

Tesla2018 | 01. januar 2020

Ernie- Are your chargers wired to an electrical box inside of each unit? If so you could just throw the breaker to turn it off. Or if the breaker is in a hard to find location you could do the same thing. And then all you have to do is let your renters know how to turn it on and off in the event they had an electric or they needed to charge.

ernie | 01. januar 2020

@Darryl...I own 1/2 of the building and the parking / chargers and pay the electricity. I set the rules...also happen to be President of the Board of Directors. I can charge whatever I want, but wanted to foster good feelings about electric vehicles and promote their use and adoption. There is only one other ChargePoint on Orcas Island and it is slow and inconvenient. Ours put out a usable 48 amps at 240V. @Tesla2018, the electrical breakers are outside and it would not be feasible to tie use with a breaker. Breakers are not intended to be used as a power switch. I think a lock on each is probably the best solution, sadly.