Not every Tesla produced after April has HW3

Not every Tesla produced after April has HW3

In a Model 3 thread about HW3 and visualizations (, it was reported that after Tesla announced that they had started using HW3 in all vehicles, some vehicles were still being built with HW2.5. This was news to me, and there seems to be enough evidence to support that claim, so I thought it deserved a new thread here in the General forum.

This issue became apparent when Tesla introduced new HW3-specific visualization features, starting with traffic cones, and more recently traffic lights and stop lights. Some people who thought they had HW3 weren't seeing these features, because it turned out they didn't actually have HW3.

Those people affected by this who also purchased FSD will get HW3 anyway, so it's not a huge deal for them. In my opinion, the people who thought they were buying cars with HW3 and got HW2.5 instead should get free upgrades even if they didn't pay for FSD. The new HW3 visualizations benefit even those people without FSD, and it's likely that basic AP gets some benefit from the faster processor.

I'm surprised that this hasn't been publicized more, but I'm guessing not that many people know about it yet.

If you think you have HW3, and you're not seeing the new visualizations in 40.50.x, make sure you've enabled FSD Visualization Preview under Controls > Autopilot before jumping to the conclusion that you don't have HW3. If you don't see that option with 40.50.x, then you probably don't have HW3.

BadgerErickson | 31. desember 2019
jrweiss98020 | 31. desember 2019


I see the traffic cones, so I think I have HW3 (M3 delivered Sep 2019). I turned on the visualizations, but don't see the lights & signs.

I do not have FSD. Do I need it?

EVRider | 01. januar 2020

@Badger: What was your point?

@jrweiss: According to reports from other owners without FSD, you don’t need FSD to see the traffic lights and stop signs. Which software version do you have?

Tesla-David | 01. januar 2020

We have a Feb 2018 delivered M3 without HW3, but have Mobile Tesla Ranger scheduled to add it to our M3 on 1/6/20, and looking forward to enabling visualizations.

Yodrak. | 01. januar 2020

"What was your point?"

His standard answer to most questions seems to be, RTFM. (I sometimes feel the same way.)

EVRider | 02. januar 2020

Nothing in the manual or support site about this topic.

I’m a bit surprised by the lack of comments here. Maybe more people already knew about this than I thought.

SCCRENDO | 02. januar 2020

I am taking my Model 3 in for it’s 2 year service in a few weeks. Do they automatically upgrade you at a service | 02. januar 2020

@SCCRENDO - From others, it seems hit or miss. They seem to be scheduling HW3 AP retrofits by VIN. It's unclear what order is being used. They may include it with your service visit if one is in stock. Let us know what happens.

Tesla-David | 02. januar 2020

@SCCRENDO, I scheduled service to have our M3 updated with HW3, and currently have a Mobile Service Technician coming to our home on 1/6/20 to do that upgrade. I would ask your SVC to that upgrade when you have your M3 in for service. BTW did you get a service notification or are you just doing the 2 year service on your own? Our M3 will be 2 years old next month, and we probably need to schedule servicing as well.

EVRider | 02. januar 2020

@SCCRENDO: You'll likely only get HW3 if you car is already on the HW3 list. I don't think the service centers have a stockpile of HW3 units, at least not in my area.

I know I have one coming specifically for my Model S, so I assume they won't install that in someone else's car. I'm not saying there's anything about the CPU that's specific to my car, I just mean it's been assigned to me. Our Model 3 is not yet on the list.

SCCRENDO | 02. januar 2020

I scheduled the 2 year service just because it is 2 years. I have just gone out of warranty this weekend at 50000 miles so I want them to address anything latent. I keep my cars for years ( maybe decades) and am a high mileage guys so I am pretty religious about maintenance recommendations. My April 2013 85S is about to hit 170,000 miles.. I guess if if they don't upgrade me to HW3 they will just need to show up to my house.

SCCRENDO | 02. januar 2020

How do we find out if we are on the HW3 list

Tesla-David | 02. januar 2020

I stand corrected, after checking I now see that the service appointment I had previously scheduled for our M3, requesting HW3 upgrade was cancelled and no longer appearis on our Tesla app for our M3, so we are apparently not in the que for the HWA upgrade yet in line with @EVRider's comments. I would like to know how to find out where we are on the HW3 list as well. We have 2/18 delivered M3 with #45XX vin.

SCCRENDO | 02. januar 2020

I have an M3 1/18 delivery vin30xx/ Technically my car is a 2017 so I doubt I have HW3 | 02. januar 2020

Some of us have cars with AP2 back in 2016. Every 2016 has MCU1, which the retrofit doesn't yet work with. Tesla engineering is working on it. Not any big deal - the HW3 unique features seem fairly trivial so far. Cool, but not all that useful yet.

EVRider | 02. januar 2020

@SCCRENDO: I found out by asking someone at my local service center if either of our cars are on list. Fortunately I'm still able to contact people at my service center via e-mail, unlike many newer owners who have to try to call.

Yodrak. | 25. januar 2020

To add a data point to the HW3 update roll-out, I got a text from my Service Center earlier this month telling me that they had received 60 HW3 upgrade kits and my May 2018 Model S was on the list to get one of them. I originally bought the car with Enhanced Auto Pilot and upgraded to Full Self-Driving during the brief period when the upgrade was being sold for $2,000.

rxlawdude | 25. januar 2020

Mine was updated on 1/20 - took them till the next day, but they provided an S75D loaner. (I missed my 3!)

I would think @SCC's would be on the list, as our VINS are only separated by around 1,600.

Yodrak. | 25. januar 2020

"took them till the next day"

Mine took most of a day, including installing a HEPA air filter and replacing the rear window glass. Your place must have been busier than mine, or you dropped it off in the afternoon rather than mid-morning?

"they provided an S75D loaner"

My wife took our car in for service, she got an older Model S 85 and she was not happy with it - no Auto Pilot, which she's apparently become accustomed to.

SCCRENDO | 25. januar 2020

I took my car in for a service this week and forgot to ask. I am assuming it wasn’t done. I guess they will contact me when it is available. Hopefully I can get it done through mobile service

erik.schultz32 | 18. februar 2020

I also took delivery of my SR+ in September 2019 and I don't have HW3. Seems like Tesla sold these cars with the pretext that the hardware was the most recent when in fact it wasn't. I for one am not happy with it as I was under the impression my car being built in September 2019 would have the latest hardware as Elon said at the Autonomy Day in April 2019.

stingray.don | 19. februar 2020


How did you determine that you don’t have HW3? Are you seeing this under “additional vehicle information” on the UI?

stingray.don | 19. februar 2020

Also, just because you took delivery in September does not necessarily mean that it was built in September. Was is the build date of your car?

EVRider | 19. februar 2020

@erik: Did you purchase FSD?

erik.schultz32 | 19. februar 2020

Build date on the car door says September 2019. I did not purchase FSD but that doesn't seem relevant as the hardware should be there based on what Musk said. The concern is that my car that was suppose to have the latest hardware doesn't, and with the most recent software update the gap between hardware capabilities is already apparent and will only continue to grow with more and more software updates. Nothing was mentioned to me that I had the older hardware when I placed the order or took delivery, and I doubt the sales people would even know. Just disappointed that even Tesla isn't above the bait and switch of legacy car dealers. I believe Tesla should make it right and install the HW3 that my car was advertised to have.

erik.schultz32 | 19. februar 2020

I confirmed via Tesla Chat that my car indeed has HW2.5

stingray.don | 19. februar 2020

What is listed under “additional vehicle information” on the UI?

EVRider | 19. februar 2020

@erik: I agree that Tesla should give people free HW3 upgrades without FSD if they were supposed to get HW3 to begin with, but it might hard to make that happen unless it's clear that FSD improves the basic AP that you have in your car. So far, I don't think HW3 gets you anything except better visualizations, and most of those might require the FSD option.