Turn Signal Feedback

Turn Signal Feedback

Just wanted to get everyone's take on the Model 3 turn signals. I find them one of the more annoying features of the car. You have two options: a hard press that keeps the signal going and will not turn off on the completion of a lane change (unlike any other car I've ever owned), or a soft press which will blink 3 times (not generally enough to complete a lane change unless conditions are perfect and signal was largely unnecessary anyway). Is anyone else annoyed by constantly hard pressing then having to press again to stop the signal after changing lanes? I'm not sure why Tesla hasn't developed a turn signal that can turn off after a lane change.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 07. januar 2020

Lol first world problems.

lbowroom | 07. januar 2020

That's how every car I've owned in the last 20 years has worked.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 07. januar 2020

Tesla stock must be doing great

lbowroom | 07. januar 2020

3 blinks is sufficient to signal your intent to change lanes, once you're changing lanes, people can see you doing it. The hard press is for making turns and it auto cancels after you finish. Again, every car

COTeslaFan | 07. januar 2020

Ha! Whitewolf - so true!

stingray.don | 07. januar 2020

I'm not sure why Tesla hasn't developed a turn signal that can turn off after a lane change.

They have. You just need EAP or FSD, and it works great!

gballant4570 | 07. januar 2020

Not annoyed. I think the turn signals are just fine.

teslamazing | 07. januar 2020

4-5 blinks would do me a solid esp when making turns on city streets like streets, parking lots, convenience store lot, etc.

hokiegir1 | 07. januar 2020

You can also hold it just shy of the 3-click level and it'll stay on as long as you have your hand there for that "need more than 3 blinks but less than leaving it on" situation.

Joshan | 07. januar 2020

Not sure I understand the problem.

On lane changes, 3 blinks is plenty and works as expected.

On real turns, pull the entire way and it always turns itself off in my case when the turn is completed.

If you are trying to talk about some weird edge case 15% type turn, every car has that issue...

MrSexyTime | 07. januar 2020

I was going to say what Hokiegir1 said. That's option 3 (which I use regularly). Also, the other options aren't always constant, so there are Easter egg options too. My only complaint is that I can't hear them all the time. This has gotten worse with the implementation and improvements with Spotify.

slingshot18 | 07. januar 2020

I love it. Annoyed with other cars that don’t work the same.

agegamon | 07. januar 2020

For lane changes, wow that NoA / Autosteer can do lane changes competently, I'd say I only use the 3-blink option about 50% of the time. Or, I just do a hard press, then cancel by pushing the other way when complete.

It's easier than any of my last cars, IMHO.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 07. januar 2020

Op naming yourself TeslaFan doesn't make it so ;)

OC.M3 | 07. januar 2020

I love how quiet it is. I can still hear and see it but it's not so loud as to be annoying or bothering the music. In fact, everything in a Tesla should be quiet and powerful. :-)

Magic 8 Ball | 07. januar 2020

Turn signals are overrated.
Be a man and roll down your window and use your arm for Pete's sake.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 07. januar 2020

Real G's don't use turn signals period. Especially in Europe

CharleyBC | 07. januar 2020

Well, if the car does the maneuver for you, it turns off the signal after completion of the lane change.

If I'm doing the lane change myself, I do what I've done in every other car I can recall. I press the stalk to the first stop and hold it there for as long as needed, then let go.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 07. januar 2020

Lol wrong thread. Mentioning Europe

NorthValley | 07. januar 2020

It functions just as it has in all my other cars over the last 15 years...going back further it used to be just an on/off for the old wrecks I used to drive!

apodbdrs | 07. januar 2020

Model 3 turn signals are fine, but then again I don't spend alot of time worrying about the little stuff. Maybe that is why I don't see any difference from other cars!

ODWms | 08. januar 2020

Turn signals work on the Model 3 just as they do on most cars made in the last decade or 2. I find it hard to believe the “... on every car I’ve ever owned” assertion. Unless maybe you’ve owned one car before.

spuzzz123 | 08. januar 2020

I’ve never seen a car that turns off its signal automatically after a lane change. Not saying it doesn’t exist. Just never saw it. My wish for turn signal is to have an audible reminder go off when I set my turn signal and forget. If I have music on at all I can’t hear the clicker.

adcock.dan | 08. januar 2020

My only criticism about the turn signals is, why does using the signals also initiate a single swipe of the windshield wipers? THAT is really annoying!

hokiegir1 | 08. januar 2020

@adcock - User error. You are pushing the button at the end of the stalk when you are pushing the stalk up/down.

apodbdrs | 08. januar 2020

LOL! Simple the reason he is pushing the button at the end of the stalk and moving the stalk up or down is to get the wipers to clean the windshield as turn signals are activated! Right? The button is not for the turn signal!

lilbean | 08. januar 2020

I tried to flash my brights at another Tesla and my wipers wiped instead. I hope they noticed!

Pg3ibew | 08. januar 2020

To the OP. All turn signals on ALL newer cars work the exact way you described.
Quick tap... 3 or 4 blinks
Hard knock.... Blinker stays on until the steering wheel comes back.
The bminker will not turn off for a labe change, unless you turn it off

bddaughe | 08. januar 2020

@M8B, congratulations! You made me laugh out loud!

andre | 08. januar 2020

(Re: wiper activation). Well... either user error by inadvertently hitting the button at the end of the stalk, or potentially an electrical fault in the stalk. I’d try being careful to not be hitting the button before assuming an electrical fault and calling a service center.

andre | 08. januar 2020

(Re: wiper activation). Well... either user error by inadvertently hitting the button at the end of the stalk, or potentially an electrical fault in the stalk. I’d try being careful to not be hitting the button before assuming an electrical fault and calling a service center.

andre | 08. januar 2020

d’oh! Double-post.. sorry.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 08. januar 2020

I just wish they would not reinvent turn signal stalk and just copy Subaru's rated safest in universe stalk. So unsafe Tesla, Gosh. No no no. Can't wait for Mercedes AVTR to come out. Pre ordered it straight from Avatar!

IHaveArrived | 08. januar 2020

I'm really pissed Tesla has not implemented programmable/selectable turn signal noises to replace the silly clickety-click sound. I want my signals to play Ode to Joy when I use them.

nvjx | 08. januar 2020

I find the Model 3 turn signals to be better than any other car's turn signal. But everyone has their own preference I guess.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 08. januar 2020

I want be able to change ring sound it sounds like I am about to collide with a wall.

Tesla2018 | 08. januar 2020

I live in Florida where turn signals must not come installed as standard equipment on cars.

Cactusone | 09. januar 2020

Ok to OP’s defense..I had the same “issue” with my turn signal...only when I selected left turns..Turns out it’s a known issue by TESLA.
Just make a mobile appointment and they will come to the house and will swap it out in about 30 min. That fixed my issue and now its like any other new car.

casun | 09. januar 2020

the turn signals work just fine for me.

Varricks | 10. januar 2020

I had a '71 Yamaha motorcycle that had a turn signal scheme that left it on when stopped, or turned it off after fifteen seconds, or once the bike had moved 15 feet from a stop. As many motorcycles will now show you, that has gone away.
I don't comprehend the whining about Tesla signals. If you think 3 blinks aren't enough, then hold the stalk gently in place to keep it on, or go ahead and hit the "lock" to turn it on and hit it again to shut it off.
I find too often that if I let-out the secret that I want that big empty space over there, some buttbrain thinks they have to accelerate into it to cut me off. Welcome to California.

Scrannel | 11. januar 2020

Wasn't aware of a problem. Mine shut off after completing a turn. I must be doing something wrong.

SalisburySam | 11. januar 2020

Here in North Carolina the concept of turn signals and their use are unknowns. Most common attitude: “what’s a turn signal?” and: “Why on earth would anyone use that?” And when some out-of-stater tries to explain, they get the ever useful: “Well, just bless your heart!” In its true Southern meaning.

Varricks | 13. januar 2020

Saw a bumper sticker in Lodi (Land Of Driving Incompetence) that said something along the lines of, "My Signal Isn't A Request. It's A Warning."

That's the one in California, not where the Bada Bing! was. See: Creedence Clearwater.

calvin940 | 13. januar 2020

I hated the turn signal functionality until I realized that my stalk was broken! I scheduled a service call and they replaced the stalk. Now I love the way it actually is supposed to work. 3 blinks is plenty and a turn always cancels the full throttle pull.

Scrannel | 13. januar 2020

People in So. Ca have been pretty good about using their blinkers since the famous 1987-8 outbreak of freeway gunfire created the term, Road Rage.