Is Live Supercharger Availability on the web?

Is Live Supercharger Availability on the web?

Is there any way to check on Live Supercharger availability on the web? I'd like to check the data that shows on the NAV screen without going out to the car in the garage. Trying to plan a trip later this week, and want to get a feel for the traffic at a high-use location (specifically, Kingman, AZ). Thanks in advance.

NKYTA | 07. januar 2020
PrescottRichard | 07. januar 2020

You got one to many ‘i’s in info there.

I don’t see the live data though, I’m thinking plafford wants to see ‘4 out of 6 available, that kind of data.

GHammer | 07. januar 2020

Early on when Tesla introduced the live usage feature, Jason Hughes figured out a way to access the data and he posted it on a web page but it was only up for a few days and Tesla asked him to take it down. Wanting to keep his relationship cool with Tesla he complied.

As for Kingman, I've also heard it gets busy but the four times I've been there I've been the only car. Always coming out of Vegas so it's been in the morning.

PrescottRichard | 07. januar 2020

We had to wait maybe 10 minutes coming back from Vegas on Veteran’s day last year. That was the afternoon. Wasn’t bad but I can see where that will be a bottleneck on holidays.

Penn & Teller were worth the trip :)

plafford | 07. januar 2020

Thanks, NKYTA, that is a useful page, but PrescottRichard is correct, I was hoping for the live "4 of 6 slots available" data of the sort displayed on the NAV screen for Superchargers within range.
As for Kingman, last Monday afternoon (12/30/19) we had to wait 50 minutes for a 20-minute top-up. I'm trying to decide if I'll want to take extra time to charge up to 100% in Wickenburg to make it to Henderson on one charge, rather than waiting a half-hour in Kingman for a 15-minute top-up. (LR RWD Aeros). I DO have a Chademo adapter, which I found useful in California last week, but I see no other fast charging options between Wickenburg and Henderson unless I go through Flagstaff and Williams. Thanks, again, for everyone's helpful input. (You, too, GHammer.)

jordanrichard | 08. januar 2020

So just like many people thought it was nirvana when Tesla came up with the usage for the supercharger, that doesn't tell you what it will be like when you pull up. I have been at chargers that were listed on the nav screen as being half full and then when I showed up, there was no one there. I have been plugged in at locations where there were just two cars, including me, and within 5 mins all of the other stalls got taken up.

One other thing, especially for those here that grew up with everything being computerized. There is an old expression when it comes to information in your computer. Garbage in, garbage out. Just because something is stated in the computer, doesn't mean it's true.

NKYTA | 08. januar 2020

Thanks for the correction @Prescott. Fumble fingers.

Also be aware that sometimes the live map in your car might show, say, 3 of 12 occupied, when there is no one actually charging.

reed_lewis | 08. januar 2020

The Super Chargers that report that less spots are available than what really are available is typically due to the Super Charger unit being offline. If the Super Charger is not connected, then Tesla assumes that the Super Charger is being used because they do not know otherwise, and it is better to report in use rather than available if they do not know.

When they first installed the one in Milford, CT at the mall. I arrived there and it said that 6 spots were in use even though nobody was there. I called Tesla and they told me about this logic. I jokingly asked if it was because I had not gotten the invisible Tesla upgrade yet, and without missing a beat the CSR said "You should get that in a few weeks."

I would rather be pleasantly surprised with how many are free instead of disappointed that they are all busy.

Earl and Nagin ... | 08. januar 2020

@reed: While you "would rather be pleasantly surprised with how many are free instead of disappointed that they are all busy.",
I'm happiest to see them full because it means that Tesla is strong and will be building more of them and in other places where I'll need them.
I think big-picture and long-term.