Railroad Crossing sign

Railroad Crossing sign

I recall seeing a YouTube video of the new update review and the person talked of it showing the Railroad crossing sign on the screen. I can't see these, or at least didn't as I crossed a railroad yesterday in daylight. Anyone else not getting/getting these markings? TIA

bjrosen | 09. januar 2020

50.1 definitely didn't see a railroad crossing sign, haven't driven past the one near me since 50.7 came out.

vmulla | 09. januar 2020

What HW version are you on?

NorthValley | 09. januar 2020

@vmulla...should have mentioned...HW3, 50.7...I am sure I saw a YouTube video and the guy was saying it even picked up RR signs...maybe I was hallucinating?!!!

vmulla | 09. januar 2020

I saw the YouTube video you're talking about too. Hmm.. maybe the pattern of the markings are different?

NorthValley | 09. januar 2020

I think its pretty standard RXR here in TX.

CharleyBC | 09. januar 2020

I recall seeing a video that included 40.50.x on HW3 showing RR crossing markings on the street. Painted markings, not a sign. Could that be what you're remembering? I wonder what the odds are of finding it...

NorthValley | 09. januar 2020

Yeah it was the road marking that was coming up rather than a street sign.

WEST TEX EV | 09. januar 2020

@ vmulla | January 9, 2020
I saw the ....pattern of the markings are different?

Software eventually needs to recognize ALL variants of ALL signs & lights!!

CharleyBC | 09. januar 2020

This isn't the one I was remembering, but this video at about 8:50 shows RR pavement markings.

charles.a.braun | 09. januar 2020

Since updating to HW3, I have seen all the standard pavement marking that I have come upon.

Bicycle in bike lanes
Diamond in HOV lanes
Left / Right / Straight Arrows as appropriate
Lane ending "merge" arrows
Limit lines

I don't think I have been to a RR crossing but I think I would expect to see it on the display. Maybe I will divert from my normal route home tonight and head over to "the other side of the tracks".

ultimorox | 10. januar 2020

Speaking of Rail Road Crossing signs, How about ACTUAL TRAINS. I noticed at my local crossing that the actual RR Crossing sign does NOT come up, the Stop sign does appear, BUT when a train is going by it does NOT show up on the display. The RR sign come up as a common stop light. Having came as close to a moving train as I felt comfortable I am confident that a moving train does not currently show up on the display.

bjrosen | 11. januar 2020

Just drove past a railroad crossing and a yield sign, they weren't recognized, I'm on 50.7 now so this is something that they haven't implemented yet. It also doesn't recognized stopped police cars. My lane was blocked by a police car that had pulled someone over. The lights were flashing on the police car, the Tesla saw nothing. They have a way to go before they can claim feature complete.

vmulla | 11. januar 2020

" It also doesn't recognized stopped police cars."@bjrosen

Huh.. Interesting. I noted that my car was slowing down for emergent vehicles - this was over an year ago. Unfortunately it was slowing down for emergency vehicles that weren't in our drive lanes - on overpasses, and for emergency vehicles on return lanes. It was creating lot of unnecessary braking.
That behavior stopped somewhere along the updates.

I believe the cars logic identifies emergency vehicles just fine, it did that for a long time now - it's just not doing anything with that information now.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 11. januar 2020

“ BUT when a train is going by it does NOT show up on the display”

I imagine a fast moving train would look to the car much like a building.

stingray.don | 12. januar 2020

They have a way to go before they can claim feature complete.

We don’t know what is going on in the background (shadow mode). We will have a better idea of FSD capabilities when it is released to EAP members which should happen “soon”. At that point the YouTube videos will start showing up.

bjrosen | 12. januar 2020

To be clear I'm only talking about visualization, I wasn't driving on autopilot. If the car was driving on autopilot I don't know if it would have stopped for the police car, what I do know is that the visualization didn't show any indicator that any vehicle was stopped in from of me let alone one that was lit up like a Christmas tree.

vmulla | 12. januar 2020

Got it, and I was talking about my observations of the car slowing down slightly when there were emergency vehicles within sight with flashing lights. I used to happen, but not anymore. It was much like the slowdown the car executes sometimes as it approaches an intersection - just enough to get the driver to notice the braking, but not braking to a meaningful effect.

rxlawdude | 12. januar 2020

If anyone needs their car to detect a fast moving train blocking the road ahead, may I suggest a book by Darwin?

I see no point in spending resources to identify crossing trains.