Water in the trunk

Water in the trunk

Tesla service replaced the trunk seal on my M3 a month ago because of a twist in the seal. It wasn’t leaking, it just didn’t look right.
Today, I went to get a towel out of the lower trunk compartment and it was dripping wet. A backpack that I keep in that compartment is covered in mold. The liner in the trunk well was wet to the touch, when I pressed down on it, weather would come up through it.
Mobile service is scheduled for 1/14, but I’m driving to the service center Monday. I can’t let the water sit in there for two weeks. I don’t know that leak is coming from the seal, but the timing is suspicious.

Lonestar10_1999 | 11. januar 2020

If the seal replacement was done with a damaged seal, or if the service tech was incompetent, you would take on water as you have. Let us know whether the upcoming service is covered under warranty as I believe it should.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 11. januar 2020

My car is 7 months old, I’m sure it’ll be covered.

vmulla | 11. januar 2020

If it’s in the lower trunk area the problem may not be the seal. I took it to service 3 times for this issue on my car. They did a water test on the car the first 2 times and couldn't reproduce the problem because they basically hosed the trunk with water and did not find seepage around the trunk opening. But the problem persisted, the moisture seepage was not from the top it was from the bottom. I insisted on a service date with a rain prediction to reproduce the problem. Finally they sealed the trunk liner with urethane.

Scrannel | 11. januar 2020

Had read that the trunk leak was found to be caused by the seal being installed inverted.

bp | 11. januar 2020

FWIW, I’ve had mine since last May, and have driven through nearly Biblical rains and minor flooding in the months I’ve owned it - I’m in the Seattle area, BTW - as well as though snow, and had snow pile up on the car. All trunk compartments are bone dry. So this issue is not guaranteed to exist, and for those who do have it, it must clearly be fixable.

vmulla | 11. januar 2020

Scrannel | January 11, 2020
Had read that the trunk leak was found to be caused by the seal being installed inverted.
Yes, but that's just one reason for trunk leaks. I'm sharing that I had lower trunk dampness even with a perfectly good seal around the trunk opening. There's opportunity for dampness from the bottom as well. But this is dampness, not really a leak.

Pg3ibew | 12. januar 2020

Lesson to be learned here. If it aint broke, dont fix it.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 12. januar 2020

Thanks vmulla, I’ll mention that possibility to the service rep.