Use to be able to request songs. No more.

Use to be able to request songs. No more.

Initially one could request specific songs by hitting the right scroll button and saying “play Western Stars by Bruce Springsteen” or “play old man by Neil Young” etc and you can listen to that specific song. I even let the premium connectivity lapse and then signed up again but the specificity in song requests has vanished. Anyone had the same experience? Anyone know how to get the specificity back I could be interested.

Would still like to test drive a performance in my area with a view to upgrading. Happy to pay for the opportunity. Reside in Santa Cruz.

crmedved | 16. januar 2020

Not sure about the songs, but for the test drive, you can't just ask Tesla to test drive a performance model?

noelkrok | 16. januar 2020

I did schedule one . I specifically requested a performance 3 online. However after driving 40 minutes away to my test drive appointment I was informed that they did not have one and that it had been months since they had one. He asked whether I would like to test drive something else. I already have awd and I didn’t have any interest in an s or x. No apology. Turned around and went home, a complete waste of time.

PECo CT | 17. januar 2020

I think that only certain songs can be requested that way. Others yield a playlist based on the song or aren’t available altogether. The difference probably depends on licensing and your tier of service.

vmulla | 17. januar 2020

It was always like that, it doesn't always bring out the requested song, most of the time it will bring up the radio station related to that Artist/song. This is happening a lot more to me after they introduced paid subscription for streaming, makes sense for Tesla to encourage customers to pay for richer features while providing basic features for free.
Another forum member noted that a particular song can be played only once every 24hrs or something like that, and after that the radio station for the song pops up. I never really tested that claim myself.

neylus | 17. januar 2020

Do you mean the search function stopped working or its ability to play specific songs?

vmulla | 17. januar 2020

Both work fine, except that a specific song isn't played as often as it was - a radio station related to the song/artist is played instead (by design)

hokiegir1 | 17. januar 2020

We had issues for awhile with the 2019.40.50.x rollouts, but over the last week, it's been working much better. Note that I've been using/logged into Spotify and have been requesting while playing music on that rather than Slacker, so I don't know if that makes a difference.

neylus | 17. januar 2020

OK, ours remained broken after our Spotify trial period ended. Something to do with the search function trying to use the discontinued Spotify account instead of Slacker. I did a service request through the app and service handled it quickly. All works well now.

noelkrok | 17. januar 2020

The ability to play specific songs stopped. Previously you could request a specific song by an artist. Now you get a playlist by the artist and similar artist. But never the actual song requested.

Ron.Olsberg | 17. januar 2020

Slacker almost always played the requested Artist and Song for over a year for me using the Tesla Slacker account. I would say 1 out of 20 it times it would not play the specific song I requested. You also could not request the same song again in an approx 24 hour period. After the V10 update, the specified song has NEVER played only another song by the same Artist. I really miss being able to play a specific song as I use the feature every time I drive the car.

vmulla | 17. januar 2020

"But never the actual song requested." @noelkrok

No this isn't true, we do get the song sometimes. What's truly frustrating to me is I often get the remix version of the song I requested.

dsp | 17. januar 2020

Yes, I used to request songs all the time and almost always get the songs. Now it's the exact opposite. For sure something has changed with Slacker.

Karawaddell | 24. kan 2020

I'm resurfacing this issue... I used to be able to search for a song or play a certain artist -- not it just "spins" and doesn't find anything. Did anyone ever figure out a fix??

vmulla | 24. kan 2020

There is no fix (or problem). That search feature seems to have been deprecated after the introduction of premium paid audio options. The software finds what you are looking for and offers the associated radio station instead.

stingray.don | 24. kan 2020

This was an issue for me but was corrected a couple of updates ago. I can now request artist and song and it will play what was requested. Just did it a couple of days ago.

RayNLA | 25. kan 2020

@ Karawaddell
Try Neil Diamond “Love on the Rocks”

geno.kearney | 26. kan 2020

It's working about 80% of the time for me. You have to ask for music Elon likes.

mburnett1234 | 26. kan 2020

Since I purchased my Model 3 a few months ago I have noticed every time I go over about 38mph I notice wind noise coming from above the windshield. Any comments or suggestions?