pre collision braking, and software update

pre collision braking, and software update

I have a 2018S100D and dont know if it has pre collision braking and i dont know how to test it. Also i keep getting notice to download a software update but i am worried that it will cause glitches i have not had before. I have had only one problem when i had to update tesla charger . Now it no longer allows an easy delock once charging complete. it takes trying diffeerent ways to unlock it ubtil you hit on one that works.

murphyS90D | 17. januar 2020

Open the car door and the port won't be locked.

The software update has already been downloaded. The notice is requesting permission to install it.

EVRider | 17. januar 2020

Automatic Emergency Braking was available before 2018 so your car has it.

What software version are you on now? Software updates might introduce glitches, but they also include new features and fixes for previous glitches. The vast majority of owners install every update.

If you're being asked to connect to WiFi to download the update, it hasn't been downloaded yet. The Controls > Software screen should show which version is waiting to download. If it was downloaded, your mobile app will show that an update is available (and show the version), and there will be a prompt on the car's touchscreen. You can install from either the phone or the touchscreen.

GoldAK47 | 17. januar 2020

If you do not do regular updates, thats a quick way to void your warranty.

blundell31 | 17. januar 2020

Thanks for information

EVRider | 17. januar 2020

@Gold: Where did you read that not installing updates will void your warranty? I don’t think so.

BarryQ | 17. januar 2020

@Gold: Where did you come up with most of your opinions? You seem to have popped up in the forum seemingly out of nowhere, and now have an opinion on almost everything. What's your background?

jimglas | 18. januar 2020

his background is troll farm

blundell31 | 18. januar 2020

just checked what is on this software update. Itis a lot of games and other useless stuff for me, nothing that improves or adds to the cars performance so i think i will just keep avoiding updating f=or chessgames and other stuff. thanks everybody for your comments. By the way is there any other way, other than updating, to avoid seeing a screen telling me to update every time i turn on?

Daisy the Road ... | 18. januar 2020

Each update contains much more that the top line features. Besides, the the latest update contains the cumulative updates from the past. Not sure what you are trying to accomplish here. | 18. januar 2020

@blundell31 - "...pre collision braking and i dont know how to test it"

Unless you deliberately plan to crash your car, you can't test pre-collision braking. Be aware it can reduce the collision impact, but doesn't stop the collision. It may be worth it to read the manual to better understand what it can and can't do, as there are a lot of warnings and limitations - similar to all automakers that offer such technology.

EVRider | 18. januar 2020

@blundell31: You'll continue to get nagged about updates that you don't install, but not necessarily every time you turn on the car. The best way to minimize update frequency is to do the opposite of what everyone else does to get them quickly: turn the software update setting on Controls > Software to Standard (or whatever the non-Advanced option is called), and don't connect to WiFi where you park.

OTA updates is one of Tesla's best features, in my opinion, so you're missing out if you don't take advantage of them. As I said earlier, you won't get any fixes to whatever bugs are already there (and there are probably plenty). The release notes only document significant features, not bug fixes, so no one knows what fixes are included in each update except as observed after installing.