Accessing Google Account

Accessing Google Account

Is anyone able to log into a google account from either the M3 web browser or You Tube application? I’m unable; indicates the browser is not secure. Wanted to utilize the Live TV portion of You Tube which I subscribe to. Appreciate any input.

EVRider | 19. januar 2020

No, I haven’t been able to log in. As I replied in the other thread where you asked about this, one owner suggested you can use a account to work around the issue, but I haven’t tried that.

Jordan2Delta | 19. januar 2020

@evrider, thanks.

darrylb1961 | 19. januar 2020

Yes, I had trouble logging into you tube worked after logging into and signing into

1. Sign into the site with your google Userid and password.
2. Go to settings in you tube tv from your phone and click on settings and update you zip code area
2. From your browser, go to you tube tv and sign in with google Userid and password

You should be able to get in! Enjoy!

nik.taylor | 20. januar 2020

@Jordan2Delta - I was able to log in to I have 2FA set up with yubikey so I had to cancel that and used the google authenticator code from my phone. Logged in successfully.

Jordan2Delta | 20. januar 2020

No luck with the Plex route. Don’t know what is? Thanks

nik.taylor | 20. januar 2020

Hangouts is Google's messaging service. The logon seems to be the standard SSO login. I dont have the car at the moment but when I tried to log into Google 2 weeks ago, it worked fine.

Jordan2Delta | 20. januar 2020

So you’re saying log into Google Hangout using the Tesla browser? If successful, You Tube TV will work? Thanks.

nik.taylor | 20. januar 2020

@Jordan2Delta - Not really. Your initial question was - "Is anyone able to log into a google account". Google hangouts redirects / uses standard google auth protocols. It 'should' be the same for any google site but I dont have my car to test so I cant be sure.

Jordan2Delta | 20. januar 2020

Thanks @ nic.taylor. I appreciate your thought.

sandraaraujo | 31. mars 2020

Did anyone succeeded to login into google account from Tesla m3 browser?

T_Scheen | 31. mars 2020

Today, I succeeded via the method. Everything is explained here: