MCU1 to MCU2

MCU1 to MCU2

hello, my tesla s100d that I received at the beginning of May 2018 has a MCU1 version. Is there any news for a migration to MCU2?

bp | 20. januar 2020

Rumors - but nothing official.

Purchased FSD when our S100D was delivered in March 2017 with MCU1/AP2.

Many of the new features recently released aren't available on our 2017 S, but are available on our 2018 X (MCU2).

While our 2018 X is getting the new console app features, it's not getting the latest FSD features, even though we purchased FSD with the vehicle.

For both vehicles, we haven't heard anything from Tesla about plans to provide us the functionality we purchased with the vehicles for FSD.

If Tesla isn't able to upgrade our vehicles to get the same level of FSD available with newer vehicles (at the time of purchase, Tesla claimed both vehicles had all of the hardware needed for FSD, subject to testing & regulatory approval), they should at least confirm how they plan to fulfill their commitment to provide FSD, and a rough estimate of how much longer we'll have to wait to at least get the latest FSD features.

And if MCU1 is an obstacle, what are their plans to overcome that? Since many of the latest features now appear only for MCU2, we'd be willing to consider a reasonably priced upgrade to MCU2.

We should have something official and not unofficial comments by Musk...

EVRider | 20. januar 2020

@Gi: MCU2 went into production in March 2018. How did you determine that you have MCU1?

jerrykham | 20. januar 2020

@EV - because he was talking about his 2017 Model S. Yep, that has MCU 1 (second sentence). So does mine...

EVRider | 20. januar 2020

@jerry: My comment was directed to the OP (Gi), who said he received his S100D in May 2018.

Gi | 30. januar 2020

@EVRIDER : you can lauch this on your tesla

Gi | 30. januar 2020

@EVRIDER : with MCU1 you are not able to watch movies when you charge your car !!!

EVRider | 30. januar 2020

@Gi: Correct. Still no option to upgrade to MCU2, unfortunately.