Telas at Auto shows?

Telas at Auto shows?

I have a friend that just went to the Houston Auto Show (1/23/20) and saw a lone Model X displayed. I'm assuming it was an aftermarket dealer displaying it since Tesla wasn't officially there.

I know Tesla's main advertising method is word of mouth, but has anyone seen Tesla represented at auto shows?

jordanrichard | 24. januar 2020

They were at the LA Auto Show. In the big picture, more and more car companies are puling out of auto shows. MB and I believe BMW have pulled out of the NY auto show. MB also pulled out of the Detroit show.

It costs enormous amounts of money to put on a display at these shows and the car companies are realizing that more and more people do their research on line.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that most auto shows are put on by the dealers association for a given state and they don't like Tesla.

andy.connor.e | 24. januar 2020

After i get cybertruck, i may bring it to an auto show just so that people can see it. | 24. januar 2020

Tesla rarely shows its cars at auto shows. Part of that is it saves Tesla money, and part of it is the shows are often run by dealers who exclude Tesla from showing.

That said, the demand to see Tesla vehicles at the show is very high, and quite a few shows let owners show their cars. For example, in the November San Francisco car show, there were about 10 Teslas from owners in a roped-off area. You'll often see other exotics such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. These companies also do not show due to the costs, but the event planners know these are needed to help attract attendees.

jordanrichard | 24. januar 2020

TT +1. The promoter/organizer makes money from people attending an event, in this case a car show. The organizer would be the local dealer association. So they have to do what they can to get people in the door. It doesn’t bode well when there are no high profile cars at the show, like MB and BMW. Fords, Chevy etc are a dime a dozen and any guy/gal off the street can go into a showroom to look at one. However many people are intimidated to go into one of the relatable few MB, BMW, etc dealerships. However at a car show it is a more relaxed/less intimidating atmosphere. So take MB and BMW out of the show, what is there to get people in the door.

So it wouldn’t surprise me that many of these dealer ran car shows will relent and let Tesla in, just to get people to attend the show.