Got Rear-Ended, Need a Repair Shop in San Diego

Got Rear-Ended, Need a Repair Shop in San Diego

Can anyone recommend a repair shop in San Diego? My Model X was rear-ended, the damage is limited to the bumper, Lift gate, and very slight damage to the right rear quarter panel.

USAA just provides me with a list of local repair shops. Any recommendations are appreciated.

lilbean | 25. januar 2020

I don’t live in SD, but I just did a little search online:

sbeggs | 26. januar 2020

@lilbean's recommendation is good. We can vouch for their quality for rear bumper repair, parking sensors, paint.

dleidy | 26. januar 2020

Thank you for that information. Not sure why I thought to post this request before Googling myself. And sbeggs, thanks for vouching for them, I'm going to go see them first.

Grizzly18 | 28. januar 2020

dleidy, were you stopped at a light when you were hit? If so did you have the brake hold engaged? If so did it hold when you were hit or did it release? I'm trying to fine out if the brake hold stays engaged if you are hit from the rear. I use at stop lights and wonder what is going to happen if someone hits me with my foot off the brake.