New X, Charging Strategy

New X, Charging Strategy

X delivered on Wednesday. Drove it almost 200 miles that day (Santa Barbara to West Los Angeles, then back home to Camarillo).

Charged to 90 percent overnight.

Drove it only 5 miles yesterday. Charged to 90 percent again.

Need to drive to the Bay Area this evening. Over 300 miles.

Is it too early to charge to 100%? Should I never charge to 100 unless absolutely needed?

When I bought my S in 2017 Tesla did not warn me about charging to 100 percent. I owned it for weeks until heard about charging only to 90 percent so max range dropped from 246 indicated to 232.


Kevin from California

lilbean | 31. januar 2020

It’s too early to charge to 100%. Plan on driving the car as soon as it charges to 100%. You can see the time to full charge on the app and then just use that time to determine when to charge according to when you are leaving. Safe travels.

ratchet | 31. januar 2020

@kgs, charging to 100% is not based on the age of the vehicle. There is no "breaking in" period like they used to have with ICE vehicles. The point @lilbean makes is that you can charge to 100% but don't leave it fully charged (in other words, don't start too early). You should plan your charging so you can drive it as soon as it reaches 100%. You can adjust the charging so that it starts charging at a specific time or so that it completes the charge at a specified time. If you are charging at home, you can plug it in and adjust the charge level to 100% then set the "complete charging" time for your departure time and you will be fine.

bp | 01. februar 2020

If your trip is over 300 miles, then there probably isn't any need to charge over 90%.

The amount of charge you need should be enough to travel to the first supercharger stop.

For a crude estimate, assuming your driving 75-80 MPH, the range you should have when leaving home should be at least the distance to your first supercharger stop plus 10% plus 30-60 miles (for some cushion).

Assuming 90% is around 260 miles, you should be able to reach a supercharger no further than 180 miles from home, and that would probably be a pretty conservative estimate, depending upon road conditions (traffic, speed, elevation changes, wind), you'd probably be able to go further than that on a 90% charge.

Charging about 100% MAY have a long term impact on battery charge capacity. Most people recommend keeping the pack at 100% for a minimum amount of time - charging up to 100% and then leaving shortly after that, and then quickly drawing the charge down.

NOTE that charging above 90% if you don't need that extra charge will probably not save you that much time at the first supercharger stop, because charging is faster at lower charge levels.

We only charge to nearly 100% when we are trying a long hop between a supercharger and our house. For one of our typical road trips, it's 207 miles between our house and the supercharger where we want to stop. For that hop, we'll charge to close to 100% each way, and able to avoid stopping at the 3 superchargers that are located between our house and our preferred supercharger. If we only charged to 90%, we'd risk running out of charge and having to make an extra supercharger stop.

kgs | 18. februar 2020

Thanks for the replies. I waited a couple of weeks to charge to 100 percent. Amazing how far range is compared to my 2017 stripper Model S 75. (207 at 90 percent, compared to 297 for X).

On the other hand, the X did cost a bit over $100K out the door. But worth every penny. The spacious interior is amazing.

My wife pooh poohed the S but loves the X.

My three year old granddaughter loves the falcon wing doors. Her eyes light up when open. She calls it "Space Ship Car". (So thus duly named the car)