APIs to control the 'Emissions Testing Mode' app?

APIs to control the 'Emissions Testing Mode' app?

Any chance Tesla can add API support for the 'Emissions Testing Mode' application? Be great to be able to control the whoopee cushion remotely

Atom12 | 01. februar 2020

Model 3 end point for charge current first, please.

Farts are fun but a charge current end point would allow a simple remote app to optimize direct solar to vehicle charging with upwards of a 10% efficiency bump.

azajali43 | 03. februar 2020

There are many apps to control the Emissions Testing Mode: like , Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car), OBD Car Doctor Pro, Carista OBD2 etc. | 03. februar 2020

Except for the OBD port in a Tesla has no real access to anything. Yes, you can plug one of these adapters into the OBD port, but you'll quickly learn there is zero useful information or control. OBD makes zero sense on an EV, as it really is only for ICE pollution controls and monitoring - which an EV doesn't need or have.

There are ways to tap into the CAN buses (there are 4 main ones) to get info, but only by reverse engineering, can you figure out what specific ports do what. Search for CAN bus Tesla and you'll find some work by me and others. The CAN bus ports and data has also changed over the years and over different models, so be away what works on one car may not work on another. Here's one project where I tap into the CAN bus to detect the state of the car: One of the later parts of the project shows the CAN buses I use and the data processed.