Will TSLA hit $1000 Today?

Will TSLA hit $1000 Today?

Who would have guessed this could happen in Q1-2020. Clearly most analysists are clueless.

Tesla-David | 04. februar 2020

Yep, I can seriously see Tesla above $1000 soon given all the positive news and listening to the Third Row Tesla podcast with Elon recently.

MitchP85D | 04. februar 2020

And guess what? This is without the $7500 tax credit. Let the free market do its thing. Git the government out. Just say no to government mandates and subsidies!

andy.connor.e | 04. februar 2020

if you dont say no to ALL subsidies, then i want my tax credit

MitchP85D | 04. februar 2020

Well of course Andy. Libertarians are opposed to government intervention in the market place.

SamO | 04. februar 2020

of course subsidy boy takes the mortgage deduction without a peep. lousy hypocrites.

Buzz off, loser.

jimglas | 04. februar 2020

stop all fossil fuel subsidies if you want a level playing field

teslu3 | 04. februar 2020

End fossil fuel subsidies. Internalize the externalities. Then watch TSLA take off! YASNY

Tesla-David | 04. februar 2020

@teslu3 +1, yes, well said!

andy.connor.e | 04. februar 2020

i get my solar tax credit next year and will probably use all that to pay for my tesla.

ExBMET | 04. februar 2020

There is a short squeeze on the stock, so whatever it goes to will not stay there long. I posted a thank you to the shorts a few minutes ago for subsidizing my model Y purchase. I'll get back in the game again after the shorts bloodbath.

andy.connor.e | 04. februar 2020

Looks like we're almost there!

Tesla-David | 04. februar 2020

Currently at $961.67 at 12:30 pm PST. It is heading to $1000!

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 04. februar 2020

Shenanigans at the close.

Ross1 | 04. februar 2020

What just happpened, it crashed $80

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 04. februar 2020

That’s no crash. That’s short term shorts trying to short this mad bull run.

andy.connor.e | 04. februar 2020

It crashed 80 but still up over 100 today.

jordanrichard | 04. februar 2020

Closed at $887.06. After hours trading - $899.04

dmm1240 | 04. februar 2020

Good lord, Mitch. Are you saying:
* Government has no business telling companies like Hooker Chemical it can dump toxic waste anywhere it wants because it's cheaper than disposing of it responsibly? Children living along Love Canal started being born with birth defects, some up to 12. Extremely high levels of toxic gases were found emanating up from the ground into basements. The entire community had to be abandoned. But guvmint has no right to do that?

• Or that guvmint has no business and shouldn't intervene with Monsanto selling Roundup even though it's a proven carcinogen that has caused deaths? Three juries have ordered massive payouts, $2 billion in a California case, $289 to pay for the death of a victim. Another is awarding a third victim hundreds of millions.

• Or that guvmint had no business interfering in the market by ordering Johnson & Johnson to stop selling defective hip replacement that the company KNEW, proven in court, knew was defective?

• Or how about Boeing right now? Instead of designing a new plane, Boeing put an engine that didn't belong there on a 737 that has caused crashes and deaths. There should be no FAA inspections and actions to stop them from doing it? That's flying the friendly skies?

• How about banks charging interest rates on credit cards that would make Shylock blush? Hey, the free market, baby!

• Guvmint has no bidness inspecting food coming from overseas, or here in the states a la E. coli laced lettuce found in parts of California?

• How about the Chinese sending us dogwood that owners unwittingly fed to their dogs that killed them?

Read the Constitution. It clearly states that government sets the rules of the road in markets.

As I said, good lord Mitch. Good lord.

kaffine | 04. februar 2020

dmm1240 :

Hooker Chemical did the right thing it was the Government that messed things up badly. Hooker Chemical tried to dispose of the chemicals in a responsible way for the time. The city threaten to take the land by eminent domain even after Hook Chemicals told them what was buried there. Facing the city taking the land by eminent domain Hooker Chemicals decided to sell the land to the city so they could put a covenant on the land stating not to build on it or to dig into the ground due to the chemicals under the top layer. If it was taken by eminent domain they wouldn't have the ability to put the restriction on the deed. The city bought it and ignored the restrictions and warnings and built a school on top of it. Not sure what else you think Hooker Chemical could do to prevent the Government from taking the land and building on it. They disposed of the chemicals in what at the time was consider acceptable practice and in my opinion went above and beyond to try and prevent the issues.

dmm1240 | 04. februar 2020

I suppose you're referring to the paper published by Henry Carras while an undergrad Henry Callas. Callas does indeed place blame on the Niagra Falls School Board, the state and national authorities, AND Hooker Chemical.

Furthermore, Henry uncovered problems with the media interpretation of Love Canal, much of which vilified the chemical company, but largely ignored the roles played by the city and New York state. He discovered that the the local media formed a narrative which put all the blame for the poisoning of the neighborhood's children on the chemical company. Henry stated that "while, admittedly, Hooker is not blameless, this narrative ignores the neglect on the part of the Niagara Falls School Board. It ignores the lethargic response by state and national authorities to address the problems of its citizens. It ignores the unequal treatment of African American residents during the Love Canal crisis by city officials when it came to temporary housing. The media wove an image which ignored the many nuances present at Love Canal."

Cross out Love Canal if you like, but the point still stands.

andy.connor.e | 06. februar 2020

Having taken an engineering ethics course, there are far more environmental disasters that we do not know about. Most of which dont affect human health directly which is why we never hear about it. Also, because our government doesnt really want us to know that their military complex does not clean up their hazardous wastes until they are caught.

Tesla-David | 11. februar 2020

Just listened to Gali Russell's (Hyper Change) podcast on Tesla, and Zac and Jessie's (Now You Know) summary of ARK Investments $7000 Tesla price target by 2024. Lots of great and positive news about why Tesla's future looks very bright. (Hyperchange) (Now You Know- full podcast) (ARK investments analysis) | 11. februar 2020

Hyper Change - while well-intentioned, it has a lot of facts wrong. I got tired of all the errors so I didn't get through it. In the first 2 minutes, Roadster was not $200K, but more in the $120K range (it changed a bit over the production run). The body was not Lotus Elise, although Lotus did make the body for Tesla. The body was unique to Tesla and made out of carbon fiber

The Model S shown is a refreshed 2016-2020 S, not 2012.

The Model 3 starts at $36K not $40K although to be fair the $36K is not shown on the website.

Mike83 | 11. februar 2020

@Tesla-David Thanks for the links. I think some major developments are coming. I was trading some options and did well having them short term but still holding and increasing my TSLA shares with option profits.
My profits are going into expanding my PV panels and getting PowerWall 2. Really excited about this from the great results you have had. The wife wants new carpeting and i want to get a Cybertruck and it looks like we'll pay cash.
I also have some ARK which holds TSLA and other biotech stocks. Smart management is what I like.

TT thanks for the corrections.

NKYTA | 11. februar 2020

I didn’t have $110k back then for a passenger seat that needed to hold my golf clubs.

Thankfully the S. Can take four large adults golfing if need be.

Nods to San Carlos.

Tesla-David | 12. februar 2020, yes Gali got a few of the details about the Roadster and MS wrong, as he is not an owner, but investor/enthusiast, but I believe he is right on the details about Tesla's future, and he has been a long time enthusiast with access to EM, and recently participated in Third Row Tesla podcast with EM.

Tesla-David | 12. februar 2020

@Mike83, yes I totally agree. For me I can't wait until the Battery, Powertrain Investor Day event, which I heard will be sometime in April. I believe huge changes coming to batteries, which will dramatically accelerate EV adoption and battery storage options/costs. EM discusses that in the utube link above.

Tropopause | 12. februar 2020

Gali is a good guy.

andy.connor.e | 12. februar 2020

Gali probably didnt cross his T's and dot his i's when it came to those numbers, but he has his representation and concepts down perfectly as to the point that he is trying to convey. You can get lost in the weeds about how its not $40k its really $35k, but that aspect does not change the concept and his point.

Tesla-David | 16. februar 2020

@Tesla Tap, listening to the Directors cut version (3:35 hour) of Third Row Tesla Podcast (linked above) with EM @2:11 hours EM discusses actual Roadster costs, which is the source of the error for Galio's $250k quote. EM was told that the actual cost to produce the Roadster was closer to $250k/car, even though they were selling them for ~$125k. Interesting details and Galio was a participant in that discussion, so easy to understand his error. | 17. februar 2020

@Tesla-David - Makes sense. I listened to the podcast and missed that bit of info. I did know they were made at a loss but didn't know how badly.

Actually some high-end sports cars from other manufacturers are made at a loss too. I estimated the original NSX, at around $89K likely cost Acura/Honda about $250K a copy based on the published development costs. They can write it off as a halo car that brings people into the dealer and pushes the technology envelope. I doubt Chrysler made any money on the Viper either. Easier for legacy company to absorb losses like this, but very difficult for a startup. Sort of amazing that Tesla did survive it.

Tesla-David | 17. februar 2020

Even though the original Roadster was sold at a loss, it was the car that made me an enthusiast and marked the point where I started paying serious attention to all things Tesla/EM. It is the reason why I put $5k down on our first MS in 2010, and brought TSLA at IPO. My wife thought that I was crazy, considering that we did not take delivery of our first MS until 1/2/13. Now she believes and seriously loves her M3. I think the Roadster was pure genius, and all the incredible cars that followed are the result of that first entrant. The podcast provided an incredible summary of exactly how difficult the early days were for Tesla, and how difficult/stressful the M3 ramp was, including how/why he started SpaceX. I also loved EM's comment "1st in last out".

Mike83 | 17. februar 2020

I think even if they lost $100,000 on each car that is only 10 million for 100 roadsters. It worked out well. The stress they went through was incredible.
Totally agree with you David. My wife also wasn't so sure about my investment but her M3 has changed her life for the better and the stock appreciation really puts a cherry on top.

Ross1 | 17. februar 2020

Why was the Nasdaq closed Monday?

andy.connor.e | 17. februar 2020


Ross1 | 17. februar 2020

OK andy and others, what is your guess for closing price Tuesday?

SCCRENDO | 17. februar 2020

It’s President’s day. But if Trump gets re-elected we will cancel the holiday from now on. On change the name to Felon Day.

andy.connor.e | 17. februar 2020

Not sure really. Berlin factory progress got halted, where in reality they werent technically given the green light to start forestry clearing. Shorts will probably run with that despite the Model S getting 390 miles of range now. Hard to say how the market will take it. But since the stock went down when China factory was on hold, its more likely we'll see it dip 3-5% tomorrow.

Ross1 | 17. februar 2020

guess 697

Ross1 | 17. februar 2020

I see on Wiki, it is George Washington Day, not Trump Day. Seems to be a difference.

andy.connor.e | 17. februar 2020

Presidents day. Note that its plural.

Tesla-David | 18. februar 2020

TSLA currently at $850.48 (10:37 a.m. PST)

Tesla-David | 18. februar 2020

Check out this laughable clip from Now You Know @`46 minutes, depicting idiot short sellers, David Einhorn Jim Chanos, Gordon Johnson, and Mark Spiegel. Made my day!

Ross1 | 18. februar 2020

Yep I got that one wrong. Its having issues getting out of the 800s.
I thought Germany tree huggers might have pulled it south. Are they employed by shorts or Mr Fish?

tew ms us | 18. februar 2020

I was pretty sure the stock would go down today. I only saw bad news before market open Tuesday morning. Now I think the nice gain today is extra-good news.

Ross1 | 19. februar 2020

Will TSLA hit $1000 Today?

919 premarket now, could that be right?

Ross1 | 19. februar 2020

919 at 5.40 am in NY.
How can you guys sleep?
Going up,

Ross1 | 19. februar 2020

Never mind, go back to sleep. 1/2 an hour later it is on 919 again

Ross1 | 19. februar 2020

Its up more in premarket than it was all day 7.5% +7.5%

Ross1 | 19. februar 2020