Starlink IPO investment opportunity in another Elon Musk disruption?

Starlink IPO investment opportunity in another Elon Musk disruption?

This article caught my eye and I will be buying shares in Starlink at IPO.

Atom12 | 07. februar 2020


Mike83 | 07. februar 2020

Thanks Tesla-David. I've been following the successes of the satellites to be in Starlink for some time now. One can invest in SpaceX privately also. I think it would be cool in the future to have Tesla vehicles in this system especially for the FSD and internet. Another impressive accomplishment.
Let me know if your broker or other has IPO information.

andy.connor.e | 07. februar 2020

You have to tell us when they go public. Im going to scrounge up whatever i can and buy shares.

SamO | 07. februar 2020

I’m in!

222 | 07. februar 2020


Tesla-David | 08. februar 2020

This utube link discussion of Starlink IPO makes me very excited about investing, as it is a huge opportunity for disrupting investments. I brought my TSLA and GOOG stock at IPO, and both stocks have done incredibly well with large upward potential, and this IPO looks like a no brainer for me. I will be patient as it will take some time to take off and Dave Lee thinks the IPO will not take place until later this year or early 2021

FactDoc | 09. februar 2020

How do you know which IPO is going public at what date? Is there a list for that on a market website?

tew ms us | 10. februar 2020
Tesla-David | 11. februar 2020

Gallio Russel's (Hyperchange) take on Star Link, very interesting especially for those interested in investing in SpaceX..