ICE car as a back up

ICE car as a back up

DO you have an ICE car as back up?

Family of 5. Only 2 dirvers in the family, my wife and me.
But We have 3 cars, 2 Tesla and 1 Lesxus ES 350 as a back up.

I wounder if I keep Lexus as a back up car or change to a 3 row ICE SUV as a back upo. Sometimes We go to park, fishing, becdh..

Uncle George | 09. februar 2020

I don’t. Electric 100%. Model X 75D with 230 miles. Personally I’m done with gas. I’d rather spend a few extra dollars on my electric bill then spend 100/month on gas. The mileage doesn’t effect me. Yes it may take me longer to get to my destination when going on trips, but I’m ok with stopping and enjoying the little thing.

n7142701886 | 09. februar 2020

What happens when you go fishing, park, beach. There i not enough space to carry stuffs.

jimglas | 09. februar 2020

MX100D and P3D- suits my needs

Bighorn | 09. februar 2020

Lexus gives you nothing. If you needed a work truck, sure. But not a Lexus.

n7142701886 | 09. februar 2020

How about Subaru Ascent as a back up 3 row SUV?

Bighorn | 09. februar 2020

You didn't say what model Teslas you already have. Assuming you have an X already, why another SUV? These are great winter vehicles and usually spacious enough for a family of 5. Is there more storage space in an Ascent?

n7142701886 | 09. februar 2020

I have Tesla 3, X (7 seat) and ES 350.

Plan to trade Lexus ES 350 for a 3 row SUV for a back up and some trips (fishing, playing snow, going to beach..)

EVFamilyGrins | 10. februar 2020

Not sure what advantage an Ascent has over a X. Both seat 7 and have similar storage, is the issue a lack of roof racks for the X? If that is the case, I would look into hitch mounted storage carriers for the X. Seems a lot cheaper than keeping a extra vehicle. We have been ICE free for over a year and no issues or regrets.

slf1881 | 10. februar 2020

Have the Model X, a Cadillac SRX we can tow behind the motor home and a fun car a Avanti Convertible for those days we want to cruise with the top off. Thinking of selling the Avanti and getting a Tesla Roadster.

paul | 10. februar 2020

100% electric here. MX for wife and long trips with family.
Leaf for me around town.
Haven't visited a gas station in a few years now, which feels good.

We haven't found a situation that has caused us to worry or need a backup
car so far. And if we did... it would be cheaper to rent than keep another
car around.

Uncle Paul | 10. februar 2020

Kept the Mercedes as a back-up when we got our first X. Kept it because of longer trips etc.

It ended up just collecting dust. Finally sold it and have not looked back.

Though we might be renting a ICE from time to time when the trip might be quicker with a gasser. Still always take the X as the driving experience is so much better. Sometimes it takes longer than the gasser, but never could bring outselves to leave the X at home.

Vawlkus | 11. februar 2020

I have my X, and I’m getting a Cybertruck. I don’t need anything else. | 11. februar 2020

A lot of people enjoy antiques, and in my opinion, every ICE is an antique - even if built in 2020. You can park it out front and enjoy the oil dripping onto your driveway. Remove the trunk lid and hood, and fill with dirt to make an unusual planter. Otherwise, don't see much value in an ICE vehicle.

BestX | 13. februar 2020

We have 2 Tesla's and a Lexus LX. Hardly ever drive the LX but find it invaluable when driving towards northern communities near Ottawa, where there are no Tesla chargers and public charging stations are garbage (have had to get my MX towed for 100 kms on one occasion as none of the public chargers would work). And these long, remote drives have saved a ton of time charging. I would say that 95% of the time, we stick the Teslas though but when we need an ICE vehicle, we need one! And having a backup doesnt hurt. Everyone has their own circumstances.

jackcolo | 17. februar 2020

Bought the 75D X in Sept. 2017 and kept the 2012 VW Beetle (turbo, chipped, DSG, etc) as a backup. I quickly found that after driving the X, the VW was just boring. In the next 12 months, I purchased gas for the VW twice. In Oct 2018 the VW was replaced by a Model 3. Now. I'm happy.
I am often asked which Tesla I like best. My honest answer is that my favorite is the one I am driving.

n7142701886 | 17. februar 2020

Following you, I will be 100% electric.

kgs | 18. februar 2020

It is rather bizarre. Would rather take marvelous Model X. Stop for recharge for 50 minute than take very nice Mercedes GLC and stop for gas for 8 minutes.

I think it is the whole experience. Especially the autopilot driving on the freeway. Aaaah!