Driver's window issues

Driver's window issues

Is anyone experiencing issues with their Model X driver's side window when raining? Mine tends to squeak loudly when opening and closing. It also tends to roll back down on it's own halfway up when trying to close it fully. Sometimes I have to manually pull it up while it's in closing motion. Trying to figure out if this is a mechanical malfunction with all X's or just mine, and if there's an easy fix.

Bighorn | 18. februar 2020

Sounds like the regulator is failing.

ratchet | 18. februar 2020

Squeaks might be the window seals. I had that once and rubbed some Armor All on the seals with good results. Also have had the front windows lose track of their position. Usually, you just pull up the window switch and continue to hold it for a few seconds after the window is all the way up, then push down on the window switch and hold it for a few seconds after the window is all the way down. This resets the upper and lower limits. It's typically the same procedure for other vehicles with auto open/close windows. One time, the driver's window stopped half way up no matter what I did with the switch so I grabbed the window to force it up while puling on the window switch and then followed the above procedure to get it reset. If this doesn't work, it will be a service call.

anthony.boivin.15 | 18. februar 2020

I agree with ratchet for the squeak, normally this sound is caused by the seal. For your window that goes up and down, I would try to recalibrate the window regulator. Here's how you can do it.

1. Enter the vehicle and close the door.
2. Lower the window fully, and continue to hold the window switch down for 2 seconds after the window stops.
3. Raise the window fully, and continue to hold the window switch up for 5 seconds after the window stops.

If nothing works, I suggest you book an appointment at your nearest service center!

pevansjr | 19. februar 2020

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I will give it a try. If all else fails, a service call will be scheduled. Appreciate it.

Bighorn | 19. februar 2020

Failure mode is in the down position, so don't take it where you can't seek shelter in a storm. Mine happened in the desert with the threat of both sand storms and torrential rains. Fortunately, I was able to wrestle it up with a good bit of embarrassing effort at a supercharger. Plus I was able to show up at opening time at a random service center for an impromptu fix after they tracked down a regulator.

liftsrock | 19. februar 2020

I have had a problem with it not closing properly when I rolled it down 1/2 to 2/3 and then tried to close it. I suspect that it gets out of calibration. So, I always roll it all the way down and doing this, I have not had the problem . . . it always closes properly.

r.hauser | 19. februar 2020

I had this problem recently. The window would sometimes go down when trying to put it up. Sometimes would stay open a fraction of an inch when closing the door providing lots of wind noise on the freeway. Finally when I rolled the window down it stayed and would not come up but the motor sounded like it was trying. Took it to a service center and they replaced the regulator which solved the problem completely. MX90D 2016.

zumretcausevic | 21. kan 2020

I had issue with my model s instead going up when you close the door window is going down for 1 inch and I took the car to the service and thay replaced harnesses from door one wire was broken no connection and ofcourse before they are going to tell you through texting can you reset window but issue was a harness