Autopilot Disappeared - Support says could take up to week to get it back

Autopilot Disappeared - Support says could take up to week to get it back

got into my car after 3 weeks of being out of town. Immediately noticed my autopilot not working. Reset did not work. Called Tesla who then grilled me on even having (payed for) the autopilot option. Autopilot was added on the day of purchase back in 2018. Fortuentely I still have the invoice showing details of it being enabled.
After a long wait trying to figure out what went wrong Customer Service came back on the line to tell me that they had "good news". It seems that, in fact, I did have autopilot and they would be able to go ahead and reinstall (enable) the autopilot feature. Insert eye roll here.. Was also told it could take up to 1 week to re-activate.
Sure, mistake happen but something about this just seems wrong to me. Anybody else had this issue happen? Im also wondering if I didn't have the original invoice (back from 2018) to be able to prove that I did pay for the upgraded autopilot feature, if they would have made the same outcome.

spuzzz123 | 04. mars 2020

1) Nobody else has had this happen you are unique!
2) if you had lost the invoice Tesla woulda screwed you for sure. Great work saving that pdf!

Joshan | 04. mars 2020

why are these posts always worded like this? Like its not just a question but he is sure Tesla is out to screw him and is seeking validation. I just do not get it...

WW_spb | 04. mars 2020

Bc it's bs.

WW_spb | 04. mars 2020

Every negative thread here suggest that Tesla is scam company and its so obvious what they are trying to do.

Joshan | 04. mars 2020

I know WW. I was just wording it that way to make people think. Much harder to argue when they have to come to the conclusion themselves.

EVRider | 04. mars 2020

I think we need a class action suit. :-)

WW_spb | 04. mars 2020

Sign me up

PteRoy | 04. mars 2020

The internet only has 3 purposes.

1. Porn
2. Buying illegal stuff
3. Complaining on forums

Techy James | 04. mars 2020

There is a flaw in this Post. In 2018 they didn't offer AP on the Model 3. Now they did offer Enhanced AP and FSD, so this post is A a flat out falsehood, misrepresentation of facts, or errors on dates.
Fact is the AP issue can be activated immediately on Tesla Side remotely using a push to the car. When I purchased FSD 3 months after purchased the car, I had the feature showing up on my profile within the hour. So if this was a mere Software glitch as you said, they could push update to re-enable AP with at the most a Software Update to the car, and 25 minutes later after the software download you would have the feature back on car.

WW_spb | 04. mars 2020

Flagged op

chrosci | 06. mars 2020

My Autopilot (Model S 85 D, 2015, AP1, Software 2019.40.2.3) is disappeared too. My car is a CPO, bought in Germany, last week. I’ve called the Tesla Service and they have confirmed (VIN last 6 Digits) that I have the Autopilot. They told me, that I have to visit the Tesla Service. So I am looking forward to the third of April, the Date of my booked appointment.

Meanwhile I‘ve contacted the former owner of the car and he told me, that the Autopilot has done a good Job up to the day he gives Tesla his Model S back.

WW_spb | 06. mars 2020

This is model 3 forum not S

chrosci | 06. mars 2020

Sorry, please delete my post.

EVRider | 06. mars 2020

@Techy James: The OP was talking about EAP. You’re correct that service can enable EAP fairly quickly, but that’s once they actually start working on it. The OP was dealing with Customer Service, not a service center, so I could see there being a delay.

I had a similar experience where FSD disappeared from my Tesla account for my Model S. I had to submit an invoice to prove I purchased FSD before they would fix it. I don’t know if I actually lost FSD because I have EAP and there was no functional difference at the time. FSD has disappeared from my account a few times since then, but those were web site issues affecting multiple people, and I didn’t have to submit anything again to get them fixed.

Mmhock | 07. mars 2020

Call this post whatever you want, I still don’t have my auto pilot back. Techs James - that’s exactly what I told Tesla. When they added my auto pilot back in June 2018 (and yes I most certainly did have it added) it literally was added within hours. Now 3 days later since Tesla’s accidental removal, I still don’t have it re installed