Tesla baby seat on the way?

Tesla baby seat on the way?

I hope Elon has his team design a compact super safe and light baby seat with electric stroller. And there should be booster seat adapters, those seat belt receptors are too low for kids to use. I had to buy extenders.

Congrats on the upcoming new Musketeer. Who said there were no product reveals in 2020?

mazers | 06. mars 2020

Would be neat if the stroller has 'Summon' also so it can follow you around.

CharleyBC | 06. mars 2020

The P version of the stroller has red calipers.

beaver | 06. mars 2020

Can we start complaining about the stroller battery degradation yet? :)

PteRoy | 06. mars 2020

In the winter you’ll have to stop to charge the stroller every block.

jamilworm | 06. mars 2020

Be careful because the Tesla stroller won't have a rear cross track alert so it will be super dangerous.

jimglas | 06. mars 2020

You people are too funny

beaver | 06. mars 2020

Now I have to make big decisions like:
- white or black interior
- rwd or dual motor?
- premium sound?
- cup holder or cell phone holder?
- is fart mode acceptable at my coffee shop?
- Is FSD worth it or stick with basic auto stroller (sidewalk assist)

hokiegir1 | 07. mars 2020

That could prevent unintended acceleration that non-Tesla models experience on hills.

mcmack15 | 07. mars 2020

I'm going to wait until Ford, GM and the others come out with line of 10 different electric strollers each.

Orthopod | 07. mars 2020

As long as we have 7 days and 1000 miles to return the stroller with the baby