Still no Driving Visualization Improvements with 2020.8.1

Still no Driving Visualization Improvements with 2020.8.1

My 8/2017 MX with HW2.5 still doesn’t have Driving Visualization Improvements (stop signs, traffic lights and garbage cans, etc.)
I assume you need The new chip? HW3? MCU2...
Is that correct?
Thanks... | 07. mars 2020

Yep - You need HW3.0 that is rolling out now to HW2.5 vehicles.

SteveMost | 07. mars 2020

Thanks @TeslaTap.
I get it because I paid for FSD back in 2017.
Now I guess I’ll upgrade the MCU as well to get the entertainment package.
>>>Aside from the entertainment, are you aware of any FSD / autopilot advantages in the MCU2 upgrade??
Be well...

EVRider | 07. mars 2020

@Steve: MCU2 doesn't have any impact on FSD/AP.

MichaelGibbs | 16. mars 2020

I picked my Model 3 up from service this morning after they installed HW3. I see a lot of traffic cones everywhere there’s road construction going on (and a few places it isn’t) but not a single traffic light or stop sign has shown up. Hmmm...

MichaelGibbs | 16. mars 2020

D’oh! Poked around in the Autopilot settings and found a switch to turn the visualizations on.

hscdamesek | 22. mars 2020

what's with $10/month for Premium Connectivity. This is greedy.
I took possession of my model 3 in March 2019. Connectivity worked perfectly until v.10.
Car went to standard connectivity and although I complained, was ignored.
So now I have to pay $10/month to get back something I should have had until now.
Very greedy

Yodrak. | 22. mars 2020

"This is greedy."

Someone is, anyway.

EVRider | 22. mars 2020

@hscdamesek: If your Model 3 has the Premium Interior, you were entitled to a free Premium Connectivity trial for one year, otherwise it was only 30 days. Either way, your trial is over. Details here: