Y Test Drives?

Y Test Drives?

Wondering if anyone knows if Tesla plans to have Ys on hand for test drives anytime soon, after the covid19 lockdown of course. And at all Tesla US locations... | 24. mars 2020

The original plan was to have a Y at each showroom sometime in April. No idea if this allows for test drives or even if it will happen next month with the plant shutdown.

jordanrichard | 24. mars 2020

Yes. If you pass the money test, you get to drive one home........

Mtnrunner | 25. mars 2020

Certainly won't be committing to a Y until I can test drive it. We're considering going from the 3 to Y and have a reservation. I won't list our 3 for sale privately till we know we like the Y. I'm sure I'm not alone in this

andy.connor.e | 25. mars 2020

you have a m3, what would deter you from model y needing to test drive it?

jordanrichard | 25. mars 2020

From the reviews I have seen, as far as driving characteristics go, there is a bit more body lean, compared to the 3. However, that is expected since it has a higher center of gravity. There is a touch more rear leg room.

trixiew | 25. mars 2020

Had my Y delivered today.

You all need to get online and order one.

sbeggs | 25. mars 2020

Good to know!
Could you elaborate on exactly what you love about it, from the perspective of a long time Tesla owner????
Enquiring minds want to know!!!!

trixiew | 26. mars 2020

Well, yes, of course.

Model S owner for just shy of 6 years, an S60 then an S90D. Loved them both dearly.

The Y is larger than I expected. Not as large as the X, but much roomier than the 3. Exterior looks like a small SUV, not at all like the 3. It’s of course, beautiful, deep metallic blue, came chrome deleted. 21” rims. Love the interior, wasn’t sure I would. Love the single screen, the sleek air vents, the center console. The upper part of the console opens and has 2 wireless phone slots. Cup holders and other sleek features smartly placed. Oh, and their are coat hangers. And reading lights in the back.

Don’t like the key cards, but got a fob. Phone also works without a key card or opening the app. That’s cool.
Love the ride. So much easier to get in and out of than the S. Has lots of updated control features compared to my 2016 S, doubt they are unique to the Y. Love the more detailed cabin climate control options, ie how much air is directed right in my face.

HomeLink not included, $300 to install after delivery. Doesn’t come with an NEMA 14-50 adapter, had to buy one. Good thing I don’t have to go anywhere.

I suspect this model will really take business away fro m the X. Much more practical.

trixiew | 26. mars 2020

Just shy of 7 years.....

jordanrichard | 26. mars 2020

Trixiew, why not use the 14-50 from your Model S?

If I were in the market to replace my MS, there is one major thing stopping me from getting the Y and that is those tinted windows. I know this the "the look" for a CUV?SUV, but to me it looks unfinished. Now before anyone says, ".....just get the front door glass tinted", not every state to included here in CT allows you to tint the glass to the same amount as what I have been seeing in videos of the Y. So even with the allowable tint here in CT and I am sure in other states, it won't match. People rightly complained about the white color on Tesla's being begin a shade different on the bumpers vs the body. Well this is the same thing.

sbeggs | 26. mars 2020

Thanks for the great review! Performance model? Enjoy! | 26. mars 2020

@jordanrichard - My guess is, trixiew's 14-50 adapter is a Gen 1 connector, and the Y definitely requires a Gen 2 connector on the MC. Then again, perhaps the entire MC from the S would work fine on the Y. Something worth testing.

Bond 007 | 26. mars 2020

What is Homelink? Is that a garage opener? I’m really surprised if that didn’t come standard with a >50k car since almost every car on the market has it.

sbeggs | 26. mars 2020

Another question, did you trade in your 90 or sell separately? | 26. mars 2020

@Bond 007 - Tesla's Homelink implementation is far superior to any other. It understands your location and it can be set to automatically open and close your garage door when you arrive/leave. You can also label each of the 3 memories with your own text rather than unclear 1/2/3 typically of everyone else. Small points, but makes it nicer.

You can get Homelink included with the Model S/X, or optional on the 3/Y. I guess Tesla could have increased the base price by $300 and included in the base price, but those that don't want/need it would then be paying $300 for something they have no need for. Should you complain about all the features the model 3 includes in the base price that are unavailable or extra cost items in other cars? Things like AP, collision-avoidance, side collision avoidance, 15" touchscreen, electronic cabin venting, dashcam, sentry mode, and many more.

trixiew | 26. mars 2020

I sold my S90 to a friend, the gen one charging cable and attachments went with it.

The updated features for me far outweigh the tiny inconvenience of buying HomeLink separately. Was bugged about the charging cable, they nicely do include a 110 attachment. Didn’t even think to ask before delivery.

Drove very slowly past a supercharger today. LOVED seeing heads trun.....

trixiew | 26. mars 2020

I sold my S90 to a friend, the gen one charging cable and attachments went with it.

The updated features for me far outweigh the tiny inconvenience of buying HomeLink separately. Was bugged about the charging cable, they nicely do include a 110 attachment. Didn’t even think to ask before delivery.

Drove very slowly past a supercharger today. LOVED seeing heads turn.......

NKYTA | 26. mars 2020

Congrats @trixiew!!

sbeggs | 26. mars 2020

You knew I had to ask. VIN?

NKYTA | 26. mars 2020


trixiew | 26. mars 2020


sbeggs | 27. mars 2020

Wow! Thanks!

blkice | 27. mars 2020

MY delivered at home yesterday # 2580
Ordered on 2/4, Tesla called said they had
a Y with black interior. I ordered white but glad I changed as it looks awesome. Lots to learn for an old ICE guy!

blkice | 27. mars 2020

Performance with 19” wheels, does have carbon spoiler and the critical red line under duel motor badge

Orthopod | 27. mars 2020

Congrats on the Model Y!
Can’t wait to take delivery of mine

trixiew | 27. mars 2020

I absolutely love the way it drives. Love the hands free texting. Going to set up the dash cam USB today. Lots to do.

whyasky | 27. mars 2020

Took delivery 3/24 of my WISC (wolf in sheep's clothing) VIN 2080. It doesn't have the spoiler or the red underline. I wasn't planning on testing the 0 -> 60 time, but maybe I should? There is absolutely nothing on the car that would tell you it is a performance model - but the check I gave them confirmed it.
Also, despite the blow off I received during my walk around, I have confirmed there is no dual climate option. I'm guessing it has to do with the heat pump. When I called support they had no idea. They left me on hold and went to all of the Ys they had waiting to deliver and confirmed no dual climate option. It was news to them.
This is my first post, any idea when there will be a Y forum heading?

blkice | 27. mars 2020

@whyask saw a YouTube and the new owner did not get the spoiler or the red line , it is a rocket sled

Uncle Paul | 28. mars 2020

Aftermarket is already offering a suspension lowering kit for those wanting a Model Y, but with the handling and lower stance of the Model 3.

Uncle Paul | 28. mars 2020

Many want to take a test ride prior to taking delivery, just to make sure everything is to their satisfaction. Imagine it will now be several months until they arrive in showrooms.

noleaf4me | 30. mars 2020

So sad that COVID-19 has delayed the mass launch of this obviously awesome vehicle that will accelerate EV adoption. I'm just happy they are also not making millions of ICE's

rxlawdude | 30. mars 2020

"I have confirmed there is no dual climate option."

Define "dual climate option." It's in the MY the same as the M3. It's in the owner's manual. Now, if you mean separate front/rear controls, you're right. But driver and passenger sides are individually adjustable. | 30. mars 2020

For those new to Tesla's HVAC, you tap on the temp and another option pops up "SYNC" when the sync is on, both left and right have the same temperature. If you turn off sync - by tapping on the button, two temperatures will appear so you have dual controls. The Y manual confirms this. See page 127.