Proposed 2020 Roadster’s Little Brother

Proposed 2020 Roadster’s Little Brother

A fellow Tesla owner and I were discussing having a 2-seat roadster using the performance Model 3 chassis. This would provide an affordable alternative to those who like the open cockpit experience (enclosed when needed, however), good performance (better than the original versions and most muscle cars), and supercharging, but can’t afford its quarter million dollar big brother. The size would be roughly the same as a Corvette, making it easier to enter/exit than the Lotus Elise-size original. I don’t believe it would hurt the 2020 Roadster sales, but would open up another market. What do you think?

NKYTA | 29. mars 2020

Sounds good, or slightly used RoadsterII. ;-) | 30. mars 2020

I'm one of the rare demographic that loves 2 seaters and have owned two (MR2 Supercharged & NSX first gen) over the years. Worked great for me at the time, but then they were also the 2nd car. Not too practical as the only car.

I love your idea, but this is, unfortunately, a tiny market. Seems no one makes money in this segment and very few cars are sold. Often they are made to attract buyers into the showroom. Customers love the 2-seater, but practically sets in and 99% of customers switch to a sedan or SUV.

jordanrichard | 30. mars 2020

Whose is to say that the forth coming Roadster isn't being built on a Model 3 platform? Also, the market for 2 door cars is a very, very slim. | 30. mars 2020

The market for 2 seaters are likely a factor of 10 smaller than 2 door cars. Really tiny market. That's likely why the Roadster is actually a 4 seater, with 2 doors. Still a tiny market.

andy.connor.e | 30. mars 2020

A 250k car is a tiny market.

A $50k car is a rather small market in the grand scheme.