Traffic cones galore

Traffic cones galore

After the 2020.12.5 update, I drove through the neighborhoods to the grocery store. It was trash day, so bins everywhere, and my screen showed almost as many traffic cones as bins. Went out again today, no bins, but still a cone here and there--on the screen, not in real life. I have 2.5 hardware, not planning on getting FSD, and autopilot was not engaged (not even TACC) while I was seeing all these cones on the screen. Good thing there's no traffic because it was somewhat distracting.

Did not see any posts on here about this issue. Is anybody else noticing it?

Lonestar10_1999 | 19. april 2020

I too have HW2.5 with no plans to purchase FSD. I see the orange cones but they are easy to ignore and in no way do they distract from safe driving.

Tronguy | 19. april 2020

The cones are cute. And I've noticed: If something is _that_ color orange, or even a brighter red, it shows as a cone.
About the only interesting thing in the new-found ability for the car to detect the things is the comment in the release notes that (a) if you're on NoA and (b) don't require confirmation on lane changes, the car will move to avoid cones it detects in the path of travel.
Up to now I've been treating the AI that does lane changes like a 17-year-old new driver with a learner's permit: It gets stuff right most of the time, but needs serious supervision. Not that I take my eyes off the road when on NoA (hey, it's Beta!), but this is making me think seriously about turning on the auto lane change; not hitting cones (and what's behind them) could be considered a safety measure.

wildblue | 19. april 2020

Tron--you are right about the color thing. I passed a brilliant azalea in full bloom and a cone popped up. Also a jogger wearing red. Seems like you could make a fun game for kids...

Shesmyne2 | 19. april 2020

Yep, traffic cone parties for me too.
HW2.5 AWD 2018
Makes me laugh-especially when it’s not actually a cone but something similar in size/color.

Still Grinning ;-)

vmulla | 19. april 2020

I expect this system to correctly identify stuff that I can't see clearly with my naked eye. I am sure your grin is going to get that much bigger :)

BTW, did you notice how much sharper the treasure camera and dashcam footage got over the last few updates? That's one more piece of the puzzle that will enhance object identification. I can't wait to see the limits of what hw2.5 can do.

Earl and Nagin ... | 20. april 2020

Its just like watching a kid grow up. First it has a tough time figuring out words and things. Then, suddenly, it learns about something that its interested in (like bright orange traffic cones). Then, suddenly its seeing them everywhere and shouting out 'traffic cone" every time it sees one and sometimes when it doesn't. Eventually, the novelty will wear off as it learns many other things.
We'll all look back fondly in our senior years as our cars are driving us wherever we want to go. We'll smile especially reminiscently when the car safely and politely slows at a construction site and we see the cones show up on the display since we'll all remember when it was just learning to recognize them.

rfpmoxie | 20. april 2020

Honestly, I was just about to start a thread with the same basic question. I'm on 2.5 without FSD and this is probably the 2nd time that I've driven since the 12.5 update mid last week. Of course, when I saw the traffic cones on 2 occasions I started wondering what other surprise there may be. Thanks, Tesla as any potential safety/problem avoidance improvements are always welcome.

PteRoy | 20. april 2020

I don’t find it has to be colour. Just the same size. Farmers near me have small wood posts for their fences. The car thinks it’s traffic cones.

The new stop sign and street lights is pretty cool though. Same with the road markings. Very accurate, even when they’re faded from the winter.

vmulla | 20. april 2020

Here’s a little bit of ‘I told you so’ ;)

St☰v☰ | 20. april 2020

They pop up on my screen when I pass the yellow fire hydrants in my area.

Nakid | 20. april 2020

I have HW 2.5 and i've seen large debris on the side of the freeway show up as cones...

Bighorn | 20. april 2020


EAPme | 20. april 2020

Likewise for me. I feel like I'm in good company.

Oprah'esque "Everyone gets a traffic cone!"

Noticed that its mostly objects ~ 2 feet in height (e.g, fire hydrants, bushes, utility boxes, etc.).

In its defense, it hasn't missed an actual traffic cone yet.

Nakid | 20. april 2020

@EAPme yup, it sees every cone, and even the ones that aren't cones.

But I'd rather it erring on the side of caution...

vmulla | 04. kan 2020

It's yard waste pickup day, and I noticed that the system is identifying all the brown yard waste bags as cones.

M3phan | 04. kan 2020


jonabramson | 05. kan 2020

I drive through my neighborhood and trees planted in the swale, about 4 feet off of the road show up as cones.

heatherzimmer12 | 05. kan 2020


Lonestar10_1999 | 05. kan 2020


vmulla | 06. juli 2020

I drove past a house decorated with American flags along their curb, the flags were showing on the screen as cones.

Some disabled cars on the shoulder also showed up as cones. However, this wasn't consistent.

M3phan | 06. juli 2020

: )))