Tesla automatic upgraded my to Autopilot, Full self Driving & Acceleration-Boost

Tesla automatic upgraded my to Autopilot, Full self Driving & Acceleration-Boost

On 4/3, Tesla automatically upgraded me with Autopilot, Full Self Driving & Acceleration Boost.

I was able to cancel Full Self Driving & Acceleration Boost within 3 hours and got refunded. But I was NOT able to cancel Autopilot.

I chatted with Tesla Service 6 times. Yesterday, they said they will have someone call me back yesterday. But I had not receive any call from them yet.

Now, I try to chat again, but chatting is disabled today.

This is horrible service.

Anyone know phone# to contact them?

Thank you,

rob | 21. kan 2020

You always have your CC to fall back to if Tesla doesn't refund.

M3phan | 21. kan 2020

After a certain point, all cars come with autopilot standard… Do you have an older model? Or base model without AP?

ben | 21. kan 2020

update: I was able chat with support person again. She said, someone will call me today(someone was going to call me yesterday too). keep my fingers cross.

ben | 21. kan 2020

@M2phan, I bought on Jan 2019.

in7 | 21. kan 2020

Where you charged for the SpaceX upgrade also?

fazman | 21. kan 2020

@OP, while its good to work with the vendor (Tesla), from my personal experience... tesla’s right hand doesn’t know what it’s left hand is doing.

Just start the process with your credit card company to dispute the charges and let the credit card company know you are working with the merchant but they are slow to address it. Keeping the credit card company in the loop and as an extra layer of cattle prodding to get a resolution will only help your case.

It would be a different story if tesla was a small startup, no longer the case, feel free to dispute it and have no issues with doing a charge back because Tesla is not able to get things done quickly.

ben | 27. kan 2020

6 days later, still not call from Tesla. I filed a dispute against Telsa with my credit card company. wonder if Tesla has any complain box.

ben | 02. juni 2020

Tesla rejected my credit dispute. I contacted customer service again today. I was told, it is still under review and there is no ETA. They refused to tell me what kind of review they will do.

Tesla has my credit card info. I don't know this will happen again or not. Per email notification, I have to cancel within 2 days. And I was not able to cancel Autopilot on same day. I probably need to remove my credit card from my account, and put it back when I go long distant for charginng. :(

spuzzz123 | 02. juni 2020

If you are in the US — Tesla cannot reject a properly filed credit card dispute. It isn’t up to Tesla - your credit card company adjudicates the dispute. You have rights under the Fair Credit Billing Act. Ask your credit card company how to file an FCBI - you need to do it in writing and you have 90 days from the date the charge was billed. If there is no signature and you properly dispute the charge, credit card company must reverse the charge (charge it back to Tesla). This is US law. You may lose your ability to use that card ever again with Tesla as they will put it on a negative file. But if they truly take a hard line, this is an option you have. I don’t think Tesla would intentionally steal from its customers but I guess sometimes things get lost in the process.

billroger | 03. juni 2020

Ordered Acceleration Boost May 22, Still have not received the upgrade. WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG????

stingray.don | 03. juni 2020


Do you have an option for "sport mode" in the UI?

lbowroom | 03. juni 2020

bill, it doesn't take any time at all. There is no download. You buy it, the car reboots, that's it. Instead of standard and chill, you now have sport and chill. Try pushing the throttle.

kkazem | 03. juni 2020

I thought autopilot was now standard across Model 3. How much were you charged?

ben | 03. juni 2020

@kkazem, I bought my car on Jan 2019. Autopilot was not included. At one time, they make me an offer for $1000, but I did not want it. Now, they charged me $3000. A ticket was created by support person on 4/3. It is still under review after 2 months. Now, I am filing for 2nd credit dispute. Luckily, I told few screenshots as my proof.

lbowroom | 03. juni 2020

Screenshots of what as proof of what?

fazman | 03. juni 2020

@Ben - Did you contact the phone number on the back of the rectangular plastic credit card and ask the credit card company (Not TESLA) to dispute the charges for these services that you did not make?

If you haven’t started that basic step yet, your only going to have fewer options to get a resolution to your liking because Tesla will never figure out anything for you. Once they get the money in their kung fu grip... they don’t let it go... ever!

Magic 8 BaII | 04. juni 2020

Fazman has an hidden anti Tesla agenda

He is a known evil LIAR

Fazman = anti tesla troll = Evil liar = horrible person

h2ev | 04. juni 2020

You know, I wouldn't mind if Tesla sent me the acceleration boost by mistake. That way I can try it without committing to spending $2k.

It would be awesome if Tesla offered a 7 day trial on it. Some (myself included) will no doubt be tempted to fork over the $2k to keep it.

bjrosen | 04. juni 2020

h2ev@ I'm surprised that they don't do free trials for powerboost, once every 6 months turn it on for a week for everybody and at the end of the trial put up a notice in the car and the app suggesting that people pay to keep it. Eventually they should do the same with FSD but not now because it isn't good enough yet, I have FSD and knowing what I know now I wouldn't buy it again at least not at the current price.

lbowroom | 04. juni 2020

Call me jaded but I’m highly skeptical of these,”I swear I didn’t buy it “ threads.

Lonestar10_1999 | 05. juni 2020

I dunno. Some folks got EAP even though they never ordered it. It’s a good thing it never appeared on their charge card. Just sayin.

I am not jaded. This is clear evidence that Santa Claus does exist.

ben | 14. juni 2020

we sent screen shots for my Telsa App to my credit card company. Tesla refused the dispute again.

Model3.Tesla | 15. juni 2020

I changed my CC info to a temporary credit card with a $20.00 limit. This allows me to visit superchargers and such but protects me from unexpected charges. With the app, it's super easy to buy something you don't want, and there is no "Undo Option" other than going through the gauntlet.

Mike UpNorth_ | 15. juni 2020

I bought the boost to try it out and returned it the next day. All from the app - easy peasy.

lbowroom | 15. juni 2020

"we sent screen shots for my Telsa App to my credit card company"

I think I asked this before, what do the screenshots from the app show? That you currently have AP? How is that evidence that you didn't willingly purchase it?

"With the app, it's super easy to buy something you don't want"

How so? You have to go the upgrade page, check boxes, and then hit confirm. Still scratching my head on how can this be done unintentionally.

ben | 15. juni 2020

@Mike UpNorth & lbooroom: I got to know from my email notification. I tried to cancel all 3 features, but only Acceleration Boot and FSD were available to cancel from my Smartphone or Tesla website. I contact Tesla support(website) about 2 hours after email reach my email box.

Anyway, I contact them again today. my case is still under review.

After I get my refund, I will change credit card in my account with tiny credit limit, so Tesla will not able to automatic charge me with huge amount of money again.

lbowroom | 15. juni 2020

Thanks Ben, what evidence does the screenshot provide to your credit card company?

Do you think the 3 boxes were checked and confirmed accidentally and randomly on the Ap(butt dial), or do you think this happened outside of the app in Tesla’s back office?

WardT | 15. juni 2020

I had a similar issue with Tesla charging me for $1,600. Total mistake on their part. The CC complaint process wasn't very handy as they said I would need to get a new credit card number, which I did not want. Tesla kept saying it was for service I had done and to contact service. Service said we see no charges for any service. After about 3 weeks they refunded me the $1,600. I deleted my CC from my Tesla account. I don't use SuperChargers very often so no big deal for me. I would recommend removing your CC from your Tesla account if you don't use SC.

ben | 01. juli 2020

made another attempt to contact Tesla support. Support Chat is disabled. Sent another email from Tesla website, but Tesla never respond to emails.

Tesla is like Verizon. Great tech, but horrible support. Sadly, no competitor come close to Tesla in term of tech & price.

OC.M3 | 01. juli 2020

So sorry @ben u have to go thru this. I've had bad service as well from Tesla.
Have you tried face2face as in going to sales or service center and demanding resolution?
Get a manager's name from their reps if you can.
if you want to, you can file a complaint w/ Better Business Bureau (if you have any more time, that is)

For sure, stay w/ the credit card dispute, I've experience with this--make sure to keep a log of all dates/times/method (like email or chat or phone, etc) that you've tried to contact tesla to resolve. And any screenshots as well, so you can give to your cc dispute rep. Try resolving with both Tesla and disputing w/ cc at same time. Whichever crosses the finish line first will get u your refund. btw, tesla should pay you extra for your time/energy spent on correcting their mistake!.