CyberTruck Episode: May 27th 10PM CNBC

CyberTruck Episode: May 27th 10PM CNBC

Correct me if I'm wrong.

EVRider | 22. kan 2020

Thanks for the tip, that’s the right date/time (on the east coast anyway). I scheduled a recording. | 22. kan 2020

To be clear, it's Jay leno's Garage, Season 5, Episode 10 "Risk vs. Reward"

"Jay learns the automotive world is not for the risk-averse; maverick tech-entrepreneur Elon Musk; comic Rob Riggle; Jay flies a mission on a massive firefighting helicopter and meets a blind race car driver determined to drive 200mph unassisted."

sbeggs | 28. kan 2020

Enjoyed the episode very much. Good views from inside and of the vault and its cover. Went thru the Boring Tunnel and just fit!

FISHEV | 28. kan 2020

They are also doing "Dinner and a Movie" with the original Cybertruck, the "Lamdmaster", from the SyFy disaster (in every way) movie "Damnation Alley".

"DAMNATION ALLEY is one of those movies that was much, much better in concept than in execution. Released in theaters 40 years ago in October, the super-’70s flick had a cool title, a killer poster, a score by Jerry Goldsmith, a cast that included George Peppard, Jan-Michael Vincent, Paul Winfield, Jackie Earle Haley, and Dominique Sanda — and the ultimate post-apocalyptic survival vehicle: The Landmaster."

St☰v☰ | 28. kan 2020

I found it interesting that Elon said the actual released production unit will be lower and with smaller tires.