Air Conditioning Out for a Day

Air Conditioning Out for a Day

About a week ago, my 2015 P85D air condition went completely out in the heat of the day. No air blowing through the vents at all. At 7:00 PM that day, I checked it and the A/C still would not come on. I went to my Tesla app and scheduled an appointment for a few days later. By the next morning, I checked the A/C again, and this time it was operating normally. I let Tesla know that it was an off & on thing with the A/C. It was not a complete shut down of the system.

I was a bit alarmed because a friend of mine in Dallas who has an MS90 told me his A/C completely shut down to the point where the car would not operate. If there is no A/C system to cool the battery down, the car will shut down. And that amounts to a 6K repair bill.

Well, thank goodness, that didn't happen to me. The A/C has been working fine since the day it stopped. Just letting it rest overnight allowed it to fix itself. I took my MS into the Service Center anyway to have them check it out. They were not able to replicate what had happened. And the A/C system is fine according to their diagnosis. Service charge was $0.00 which I was most grateful for, and it included a loaner car.

I told the service rep about the experience my friend had in Dallas. And I asked him if sometimes during the heat of the day will the A/C system focus all of its cooling power onto the battery, and shut off the cool air to the cabin. And he affirmed that does happen.

Has this happened to anybody else? First time in 6 years for me.

Bighorn | 23. kan 2020

You didn’t mention the ambient temperature, which is the most critical piece. Cooling for the battery is prioritized, so if it was 90F, it was probably functioning as designed. Funny, I thought you were a weatherman.

MitchP85D | 23. kan 2020

The ambient temperature was 90+F Bighorn. But that is nothing unusual in Houston. The A/C has never shut down for 6 straight summers. It could be the result of a recent update that focusses more A/C power to the battery at 90+ deg. F.

I wonder if I am the only weatherman in the Forum. For 6 years, I've been looking for another weatherman Tesla owner. We don't get paid a lot of money, so I'm sure that has something to do with it. I've noticed lots of doctors and lawyers.

Bighorn | 23. kan 2020

Battery temperature parameters were significantly tightened since last summer, so I wouldn’t let past experience necessarily be a guide.

MitchP85D | 23. kan 2020

Well then, that is probably it. I was afraid my entire A/C system might be going down like my Dallas friend and his S90. The Houston Service Center says everything is fine with my A/C. So, I guess I can breath a little easier. | 23. kan 2020

Late to the game, but my first goto on something like this is to do a reboot. It often clears up oddities like this. My guess is that overnight it did a power-down, which is similar to a reset, and that cleared the issue.

barrykmd | 23. kan 2020

Bighorn | May 23, 2020
Battery temperature parameters were significantly tightened since last summer, so I wouldn’t let past experience necessarily be a guide.

That's for sure. This is a fiar weather, 70F only car since Tesla screwed with the software last year. Too hot, no AC. Too cold, no regen.

Tldickerson | 24. kan 2020


johncrab | 24. kan 2020

I never had that happen in the desert where ambient would be 110°F and interior temp probably 140 after being parked. Even while supercharging with the AC roaring I would get some air through the vents. If it happens again, stop and get out and listen for the fans and compressor. If you don’t hear them running there is a problem which could leave you stranded on a hot day.