Will door light accessories void a warranty??

Will door light accessories void a warranty??

I have the abstract ocean Tesla T door puddle lights on my car. SR+m3. Recently the screen began to shut off after I would enter the car and then turn back on after I put my foot on the pedal. I made a service appointment for Monday and the estimate says zero for the door occupancy sensor replacement. My question is would they void the warranty or make me pay for the labor and sensors by blaming the puddle lights?? I’m thinking of just putting the old ones in for the service appointment. But that feels dishonest. Anyone had this happen or any suggestions?

lbowroom | 03. juni 2020

If the puddle lights are the cause, yes. If not, then no

fazman | 03. juni 2020

OP, if its simple to DIY the stock lights back into the car... I would do that.

I would also make a video of the defect on your phone with a time/date stamp so they can look at the logs to see what errors the car is showing (the week of the service appt).

I have a huge laundry list of issues, but i pushed my service date out 2 weeks because of all this rioting stuff.

Awwsum | 04. juni 2020

Ok great thank you. They are not to bad to remove. And I did give them a time of the most recent time it had happened. They ordered the occupancy sensor for the drivers side. They are doing a couple other things so we will see how it goes.

pete8314 | 04. juni 2020

Pete here from AO. Let me know the outcome, this is the first issue like this we've heard of (also didn't know the door had an occupancy sensor?!). I very much doubt the lights are the cause, they're CE rated and we've tried really hard to make them as clean as possible, so there's no weird interference artifacts introduced, but, there's always the chance of a dud bulb.

As a general rule of thumb, it's always better to remove an after-market mod if it's easily removed, it just avoids needing to have the conversation. I'm going back to the early 90's when chipping cars was all the rage, and almost certainly caused some issues eventually, since their job was to make the car do things outside of the engineer performance envelope ;-) | 04. juni 2020

I've added projector puddle lights on multiple Teslas and it's never been an issue. Most Tesla techs think it's cool. Now if you badly installed them cutting other wires or shorting out stuff, yes, I could see them denying your warranty. Only you can say what kind of installation work you did. A snap in and using the Tesla connector seems very low risk.

I'm careful and if I screw up something I fess up to it. That happened once when I dropped my camera putting a dent in trim.

alitech | 07. juni 2020

I installed some I bought on No mods needed. Plug and play

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 09. juni 2020

The last time mobile service worked on my car, he informed me that he has seen issues with aftermarket puddle lights where the window wouldn’t drop when the door is opened. He didn’t name any particular brand though. I don’t see how it would cause OP’s problem.