March 31 marathon

March 31 marathon

March 31:

4:00 AM - drive to Tesla store
4:30 - line up with my Tesla people
4:31 - have a donut and coffee
5:00 - stretch
6:00 - have a donut and coffee
6:02 - see the sunrise
7:00 - power nap
8:00 - check email
9:00 - get interviewed by a local reporter
9:30 - selfie
9:55 - hold crowd back
10:00 - we're in!
10:10 - reserve my Model 3. 18 month wait begins.
10:30 - high five my Tesla people still in line
12:00 PM lunch
1:00 - fly to LA for Model 3 launch
1:10 - zzz on plane
3:00 - cruise LA
6:30 - line up with my Tesla people
7:00 - go bananas at Tesla Hawthorne
8:00 - see Elon
8:10 - see Model 3
8:11 - see Model 3
8:12 - see more of Model 3
8:15 - see Franz and JB
9:00 - ride in Model 3
10:00 - say bye to Tesla event
11:00 pm - LAX
12:50 AM - home sweet home
12:59 - zzzz
1:00 - wonder if I was dreaming

Red Sage ca us | 18. mars 2016

That certainly qualifies as a dream.

No one will see Elon before 9:00 pm.


Son of a Gunn | 18. mars 2016

He'll be in the presser at 8, and after the flak he got, he'll be on stage promptly.

Darryl | 18. mars 2016


You think 9:00. I bet 9:30 at the earliest based on last time. If I only had a place to sit it wouldn't have bothered me. I was going to go stand in line to get my wife a reservation but now current Tesla Owners get to jump the line it won't matter. Since most of the employees won't be buying a loaded car and since I will be buying my wife a loaded 3 it should move me pretty close to being one of the first production cars again. You would have thought I would have leaned my lesson.

It looks likes all of the "I hate the 1%" have left the forum once they found out employees and prior owners will go to the top of the reservation list. They were starting to piss me off.

PhillyGal | 19. mars 2016

@Son - Did you get in?!

Our day will look like this:
Be in the air all darn day
Miss out on reserving in store
Decide it's so worth it when I see a palm tree
Wash the travel germs off me
See Model 3!

Cattledog | 19. mars 2016

Son of a Gunn - Where are you coming from?

Son of a Gunn | 20. mars 2016

@PhillyGal, sure did. If I bump into you, I'll be sure to get your autograph.
@Cattledog, Bay Area CA

PV_Dave @US-PA | 21. mars 2016

@PhillyGal: You scored tickets after all? Sweet! As a fellow Philly family, we hope to see you there! We're flying out Wed so we'll be camping at one of the local Tesla stores while you're in transit. Would rather be touring LA, but gotta have priorities, right?