Dear Tesla

Dear Tesla

Dear Tesla, I have been following you for years. Reading articles from many different sources, scouring the forums, YouTubing reviews posted by people and companies. Almost stalking really. I have been waiting for over 10 years for this car. I know it will be fantastic. I do have a couple of requests though:

1. Please make sure I can fold the backseat down. Some kind of 60-40 or so would be perfect. I want to be able to fold the back seats down and the front seat back so that I can haul long things and use all of the length from the trunk to the passenger foot-well if necessary.
2. Please keep the design simple. I do want features that are unique, but I don't really want to have to spend $1,200 to fix a door that won't automatically open for me. Also, don't really want to end up waiting any longer than necessary for my Tesla. It really has been 10 years already since I have wanted one.
3. Please make reliability the most important focus. I am envisioning a car that lasts almost forever. :)
4. Please don't lose that frunk...

Thank you,

Your biggestfan