Exterior dimensions of M3?

Exterior dimensions of M3?

Do we have the exterior dimensions of the M3 or at least the ones shown last night? And the interior Dimensions also if available, hard to tell from photos.

donaldmeacham1 | 01. april 2016

It is said to be very similar to the Audi A4 in dimensions ( Elon)

starke49 | 01. april 2016

I know he said that, but did anyone get dimensions from the vehicles last night?

Triggerplz | 01. april 2016

I do not know the exact length of the Model 3 but the Audi A4 is 186 inches compared to a Lexus GS 350 which is 192 inches and a Corolla is 183 inches.. So if it's just 3 inches longer than a Corolla that's kinda small.. Also that would make it 10 inches shorter the Tesla S

Triggerplz | 01. april 2016

10 inches shorter "than" the Tesla S

jordanrichard | 01. april 2016

Well if anyone who was there can pipe in, I am sure they can tell us their impressions.

Short of that, if you go by the "20% smaller" remarks prior to the release, that would make the car only a touch over 12 1/2 feet long.

starke49 | 02. april 2016

Does anyone have a real measurement, surely somebody brought a tape measure?

stevenmaifert | 02. april 2016

I think that info will come in the reveal Part II. It's going to have to fit in my two car garage alongside the Model S.

danCE | 02. april 2016

Looking at the video of a Model 3 in the wild (see another thread), there is a clear side view right towards the end. The wheels look to be about the same size as the Model S at 19" (which seems large for a smaller car.) So with a little measuring and math, the Model 3 looks to be about 176" long.

That compares to a Model S at 196", an Audi A4 at 186" and a Toyota Corolla at 183". But it's not unreasonable. The car is deceptive because the wheelbase is long; wheels pushed forward and back compared to other cars, I guess to make more room for the skateboard and batteries, and for greater stability.

No way from the video to calculate the width. Height seems about the same as the S.

jordanrichard | 02. april 2016

Well if you watch that video, the Model ≡ is more than 10 inches shorter than the MS in front of it and sits lower..

Red Sage ca us | 03. april 2016

No official dimensions, but here are a couple of approximations...

BMW 320i


The guys at TMC didn't like these, but I suspect the Model ☰ was designed to be a 'world car' -- much smaller than the Model S. No matter what, the scaling is probably off a bit... I did the BMW, someone else did the AUDI. Each one is based upon tire diameter, and centered on the front wheel, then scaled from there.

uhles.chris | 03. april 2016

the Model S is 16'4"in length. Based on the BMW 320 comparison I would expect the Model 3 is approximately 13'4" in length based on scale.
(Roughly 3 feet shorter than a Model S)

Triggerplz | 03. april 2016

3 feet shorter than a MS u kidding right. I respectfully disagree U off by 2 feet..13.4 length for a Model 3, Even a Volkswagen Bettle is 14 feet

Triggerplz | 03. april 2016