New wall connectors are online...

New wall connectors are online...

A bit of a price break from the previous model as well...

loganboyd | 12. april 2016

Just ordered a 24' one. For $50 I'll gladly take the longer cable.

TonyInNH | 12. april 2016

And you're still saving 200 from the previous

mr.peter.tam | 12. april 2016

New, improved, & less expensive. Anyone who just recently purchased one asking for a refund?

NumberOne | 12. april 2016

This is great, but sad for me, since I have the original, which I have not yet used. It is nice to see that it is cheaper however, so I can just get 2 of these when I need them so they can both use the same breaker.

teslagiddy | 12. april 2016

Awesome that they can share the same circuit. I wonder how they talk to each other to accomplish that - hard wire connection or wireless?

teslagiddy | 12. april 2016

I think I answered my own question... installation manual indicates a hard wire connection between chargers. And it doesn't appear that the original wall units can be used in this setup, not even as a "slave." Bummer.

rossRallen | 12. april 2016

Nice product, new and improved, and $200 cheaper. I use the original version. The 8' cord might have been better, but I'd still have to climb over it.

DarthB | 12. april 2016

What's the difference between new vs. old? Just bought an old one 2 weeks ago...haven't installed yet...may want to take it back!

ernie | 12. april 2016

The 8' is great for those who can use it close to source. Measure first of course. Less cord, less loss of power, but if it comes up to or over the knees, better to spend a few more bucks. Fortunately, my source is immediately adjacent to the left butt cheek of the X.

TonyInNH | 13. april 2016

The biggest difference is that the new ones can be daisy chained together to offer multiple wall connectors off the same circuit. Other than that they are $200 cheaper and come in two lengths, 8' and 24', the original was 25' I believe.

Big T | 13. april 2016

There are a lot more two Tesla households. Especially with the X shipping. This would be great for us to charge both S and X.

loganboyd | 13. april 2016

It's 8.5feet and 24feet. 6 inches is often a big difference.

YUL X | 13. april 2016

it would be great to have a ceiling mounted coiled charging cable that can be pulled down.

aesculus | 13. april 2016

My neighbor has something like this but it may be a for a 14-50. Note the instructions state you cannot install the Wall Connector higher than 60" off the ground.

snlnk | 13. april 2016

The electrical service to our house only provides capacity for a 40 amp outlet to charge with, so although we'll need 2 connectors when we get our second Tesla, it seems like a waste of $ to buy 2 new wall connectors when we only have a maximum 40 amp outlet. Is there any similar product or configuration, other than the new wall connectors, for 40 amp outlet?

dortor | 13. april 2016

in my opinion it's a matter of how much the hassle of switching the charging cable matters to you - for me I'm seriously considering it when I get my 2nd Tesla (of some kind) - cause since we're on time of use plan - it's just easiest to plug both cars in and let them sort it out late at night while I sleep…

if you're not on TOU and keep the cars topped off during the day I would agree it might make less sense to spend the money.

right now for two EV's I was planning to use the built-in schedule software that Tesla provides and just set the two cars so that they don't overlap - and use one of the car's UMC's as a "stationary" charger and my one existing HPWC for the other one.

I think Tesla's done a great thing with the load sharing - and you can still use the software schedule to keep the cars from charging on top of each other - but if the schedules do happen to overlap the load sharing will keep the breaker from popping…

TonyInNH | 13. april 2016

If you can only support a maximum of 40A then maybe it's best to just go with an outlet. My understanding is that the wall connectors are only if you plan to go over 50A since that is the max for an outlet.

aesculus | 13. april 2016

@snlnk: As @TonyInNH points out you cannot charge at a higher rate than the UMC would do at 40 amps. You also should set your max charge at around 32 amps (80% of 40).

The only advantage of getting the Wall Connector for your two cars is that you could plug both in and the wall connectors would coordinate between themselves on how best to charge your two cars simultaneously. With the plug you would have to monitor the charging and swap the cable between the two vehicles.

PixelatedEngineer | 13. april 2016

I'm doing a remodel and just figured I'd pull 2 100A runs so both chargers can run full out. Am I missing something?

Gary an Rachel | 13. april 2016

timb, 100 amp + 100 amp? Lucky for you to have so much excess power to work with. We were only able to have a 200 amp service connected to the house. Taking 100 amps for the HVWC was the best we could do. So are you on 3 phase or maybe 440 volts to your house? That's really amazing and lucky for you.

snlnk | 14. april 2016

Thanks everyone for your feedback.

@dortor Sounds like you're going to plug one car into an outlet via the UMC and the other car into your existing HPWC without the load sharing software, so you will count on your manual scheduling to ensure the cars don't overlap charging. We are on TOU, and do want to just plug both cars in and let software ensure load sharing so no breakers trip and I'm not getting up in the middle of the night to switch plugs. But if I have to buy 2 new HPWCs to do this maybe I'll just adopt your approach to save money. Thanks for sharing.

dortor | 14. april 2016

@snlnk - yeah Tesla's solution is more elegant and reliable - but if you have two chargers (say a HPWC and a UMC) you can use the scheduling feature to hopefully keep the cars from over lapping, and go to bed with both of them "plugged-in"

I recommend the two HPWC solution however because it will avoid the "trust the scheduling" software angle of my solution - and once I get a 2nd Tesla I may have to give in and buy two new HPWC's…

PixelatedEngineer | 14. april 2016

Gary an Rachel, we are on 1phase 220v, 200A service to house and 200A to barn (separate meters). We are moving a power pole so it seemed like a good opportunity to upgrade the house to 400A. I'm not sure if the power co. will have to put in a bigger xformer. I'm meeting with them next week.

dortor | 14. april 2016

@timb your power supply setup is my dream - congrats!

PixelatedEngineer | 14. april 2016

Thanks! I figure the extra power will be good for a welder, kiln, or death ray later on.

Brian Vicars | 15. april 2016

@YUL X. Did you consider using a bungee cord to suspend the cable from the ceiling?

davediep | 21. april 2016

If you ordered your Wall Charger more than a month ago, you're on own.
I got mine online several moths ago but still in the box waiting for PG & E Electrical upgrade. Yesterday, I contacted Tesla service for a possible exchange/return so I can get the new one. The answer is NO so beware.

Here is Tesla's response:
"Unfortunately you cannot return your wall connector was purchased more than 30 days ago ... We are not accepting exchanges for online orders for the Wall Connector. We are also not going to be making price adjustments, price matching or issuing credit for the Wall Connector."

vperl | 21. april 2016

Gee, who would have ever thought that ?

Triggerplz | 21. april 2016

@Davediep if you paid by credit card check with your credit card company some card companies like American Express offers a return guarantee up to 90 days. I know you said several months but if its in 90 days check it out.. By the way what is the return policy if its defected? Or if something happened and it got short circuited could you then return it for a refund? not giving any suggestions just asking

loganboyd | 25. april 2016

I was billed on April 13th for my 24' $550 HPWC. I called Tesla this morning to ask about it and they said maybe in about 2 weeks it would ship. 3 hours later, I got an email with a FedEx tracking number. It's not in the FedEx system yet so I don't know the estimated delivery.

aesculus | 25. april 2016

@loganboyd: Same here. Ordered on the 12th and just got shipping notice.

PixelatedEngineer | 25. april 2016

Received mine yesterday. I imagine the pipeline is opening.

loganboyd | 25. april 2016

On my call in to Tesla sales I was told the Service Center would have some in stock in about 2 weeks for those who may want to see it in person before buying online.

wang5150 | 25. april 2016

Ditto. Ordered on April 12th and got the shipping notice email today. Not in FedEx's system yet.

eddiemoy | 25. april 2016

got mine a few days ago, the box is significantly bigger than the old HPWC. It now comes in a black box instead of the white box of the old one.

wang5150 | 27. april 2016

Got mine today. Will schedule installation in a couple of weeks.

aesculus | 27. april 2016

Note I discovered a typo in the manual. If you are installing slave units it states you can only go up to 8 on the rotary switch which is 40 amps. It turns out after @flahserZ checked with Tesla that was an error in the manual for 240v installs. You can go all the way up to D for 80 amps.

wang5150 | 27. april 2016

I plan to add a second one to daisy chain when the Model 3 is delivered.

vperl | 27. april 2016

In four years the CHARGERS will come free.

YUL X | 28. april 2016

@brianvicars1 yes I did think of that, however a coiled return is neater. remodel of garage is under construction now. thanks for your suggestion.

Gary an Rachel | 29. april 2016

Always good to have an extra charger or more for all of your new tesla driver friends when they come over for Beer and BBQ. timb, I can't wait till you ring the dinner bell, Your Dream 400 amp service will be a super hit. Grin.
Yes I'm really happy for you. Hoping your also getting the best rates. What state are you in. I'm in NCal and we use a power company called PG$$$E . I've read that some places only cost $0.04 to my $0.08 after midnight.

sgabra05 | 29. april 2016

I ordered a 24' one last week and got shipping notice today. Strange because the website estimated 5 weeks until availability. I was just going to use a standard outlet until it came in if I got my X before it arrived and just plan limited driving for awhile. Yay!

loganboyd | 29. april 2016

Picked mine up today at FedEx with the help of my son wheeling it out to the car.
As usual, i can't post links, just replace the (dot) with a .

vperl | 29. april 2016

26 pounds HPWC

Is the weight of mine in box

loganboyd | 30. april 2016

Mine weighed 28.3lbs

vperl | 30. april 2016

Good, could be FedX had bad scale, or mine was on a diet.

Don't want a hefty , HPWC

vperl | 30. april 2016

Good, could be FedX had bad scale, or mine was on a diet.

Don't want a hefty , HPWC


loganboyd | 30. april 2016

Why can you post links but I can't? I'm NOT a spammer!

aesculus | 30. april 2016

When they first updated the website none of us could post links. Then later I could but I could not tell you why or how long it too before it was not a problem. Perhaps they have some date or post counter that is not well advertised you have to exceed before you can post with links.

JAnnen | 01. kan 2016

FedEx says the shipping Weight of my 24' wall connector is 22 pounds.